TRIPLETT — A section in the 7000 block of Elk Creek Road will be closed around a week and maybe longer after what N.C. Department of Transportation's Kevin Whittington classified as a "major" mudslide occurred Monday morning.

Whittington, who is a Watauga County engineer with the NCDOT, visited the site and said the mudslide itself occurred between the two intersections of Elk Creek Road and Powder Horn Mountain Road.

Signs advising traffic of the mudslide are posted on both ends of Elk Creek Road, Whittington said. The plan is to have contractors set up Monday afternoon with work to start on clearing the slide on Tuesday, Whittington said.

Watauga County Emergency Management said locals should use Sampson Road as a detour.

Along with Elk Creek Road, Sampson Road saw some damage, but Whittington said the road is passable. Other roads in the Triplett area are passable, but NCDOT is putting up barriers and traffic cones to warn traffic of washed out shoulders.

Heavy rains over the weekend have resulted in multiple reports of overflowing creeks and rivers, impassible low-lying roads and minor mudslides across the region.

Watauga River Road in Valle Crucis is still closed, Whittington said, as of 12 p.m. Monday, but said it’ll likely be reopened later in the afternoon.

Broadstone Road in Valle Crucis suffered flooding damage, Whittington said, but he said it’s currently passable and open.

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