Proposed Rainbow Trail asphalt plant site

Outlined in red is Radford Properties' proposed asphalt plant site on Rainbow Trail off of N.C. 194. The site is close to the North Ridge Circle and Market Hills Drive neighborhoods.

Watauga County’s planning and inspection department has received a second application for a permit that would allow for the construction of an asphalt plant.

County officials have already received such an application for a plant in the Deep Gap area off of U.S. 421.

Prior to a public hearing for proposed amendments to a noise ordinance and ordinance to regulate high impact land uses in the town of Boone’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, which still hangs in limbo as a three-panel judge continues to weigh the matter, county planner Joe Furman informed county commissioners Tuesday evening that Radford Quarries has applied to construct a plant on Rainbow Trail.

Rumbles of disbelief rippled across the audience in attendance at the Watauga County Courthouse that had gathered to voice their opposition to the other plant that is planned for the Deep Gap community.

Furman noted that “several other permits” must be granted before that plant receives final approval.

“The building permit would be the last,” said Furman.

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A concerned resident

This is what happens when your county is zoned for high impact toxic development. You attract high impact toxic developers.

Watauga County Commissioners have it within their power to protect Watauga County, not high impact producers. We'll see if they'll do the right thing for the county. And that means calling for a moratorium on high impact development until the county develops regulations the protect the county's assets - not give them away to toxic producers.

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