It’s time to have a drink in East Boone.

Following months of construction, Booneshine Brewing Company was to open its new restaurant, tasting room and porch on Friday, July 5.

The brewery’s location at 465 Industrial Park Drive, which has housed its brewing operations for a year, got its certificate of occupancy for the restaurant and bar space on July 3.

"The project has gone really well," said Booneshine co-owner Tim Herdklotz on June 28. "It's exceeding our expectations."

The building process has taken over a year, with the restaurant and tasting room the main focus in 2019.

The restaurant and tasting room, which will all be under the name Booneshine Brewing Company, has a bar, second-floor loft, restaurant seating, deck seating and a grassy outdoor area for recreation.

The front porch area includes a fire pit and away from the building is a green area where there is potential for games and lounging.

“I'm interested to see how the green space is utilized," Herdklotz said.

Herdklotz said Booneshine will ease into operations, starting by being open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday, then extending to lunch service and adding Tuesday in a few weeks.

"We're looking forward for the feedback," Herdklotz said.

Hours were not available as of press time, but Herdklotz said they will be posted on Booneshine’s social media accounts.

As of July 5 Booneshine’s tasting room will officially move from its former neighbor Basil's Fresh Pasta and Deli at 246 Wilson Drive, Suite K. Herdklotz said Basil's will still sell a few Booneshine beers going forward, but will move to having a diversity of options.

Reaction to the construction has been positive, Herdklotz explained, with social media posts with building updates getting the most attention.

Parts of what Herdklotz described as the "East Boone vibe" have integrated themselves into the space, such as Charleston Forge-provided furniture, Carroll Leather on the stools, Goodnight Brothers ham on the menu, and Hardin Creek Timber Frame and Millworks wood installed on the patio.

"Our neighbors here in Industrial Park have helped us a great deal," Herdklotz said. "The community aspect of what we are doing is the most exciting part of the project."

After opening, additional interior decorating features such as artwork will be installed, Herdklotz added.

Currently, Booneshine is on pace to brew approximately 2,000 barrels of beer in 2019 (one barrel equals 31 gallons), up from the maximum of 1,200 they could do at their old location at 246 Wilson Drive, Unit L, adjacent to Basil's. According to Herdklotz, that 2,000 isn't even half of what Booneshine could brew at 465 Industrial Park Drive.

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