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BOONE – Passing the 2019-20 fiscal year budget, potential phasing out of non-conforming uses in residential neighborhoods and short term rentals will be the focus of several meetings of the Boone Town Council on June 18, 20 and 27.

All three meetings are slated to begin at 6 p.m. at the Boone Town Council Chamber.

Tuesday, June 18, meeting will feature a public hearing on the proposed 2019-20 fiscal year budget.

Along with the budget, Boone Town Manager John Ward said there will be an update on the under-construction Boone Greenway skatepark, as well as the climbing boulders located nearby.

The council will also decide on how to divide up the $115,000 allocated to outside agencies, Ward said.

Ward said that the proposed phase out of non-conforming uses, such as multifamily housing in single-family neighborhoods, will be discussed on June 18 in advance of a public hearing specifically on the matter scheduled for Thursday, June 27.

Phasing out, or amortization, would discontinue uses in certain residential zoning districts after a set period of time. The time would allow the property or structure owner to either make their building conform to the neighborhood in which it is located. After the phase-out time period, all non-conforming uses would be discontinued.

Ward said that Councilman Sam Furgiuele, one of the amortization proponents, has outlined a draft ordinance. A written document with the full amortization ordinance proposal will likely be available by June 27, according to Ward.

Council discussed the amortization program on April 16, with several residents and lawyers, both local and non-local, speaking mostly against the proposals. Many speakers warned the town could be subject to a rash of litigation if they pass an amortization ordinance. Furgiuele said that day he wanted to hear from people who supported amortization.

The council also discussed adding town code language for so-called “nuisance properties” and “party houses,” to help Boone Police and hopefully curb repeat offenders, council members said.

The public hearing scheduled for Thursday, June 27, will allow the public to speak on amortization, as well as the potential regulation of short-term rentals in Boone. Currently, short-term rentals in Boone aren’t allowed per ordinance.

On Thursday, June 20, Ward said there will be a proposal put before council to rename New Market Boulevard after civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr.

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