BOONE — The Boone Police Department — in partnership with Alray Tire — is hosting a fundraiser on July 4 where participants can enter for a chance to use a stun gun on Boone Police Chief Dana Crawford.

The department is hosting the fundraiser and demonstration from 4 to 8 p.m. at Clawson-Burnley Park — located at 355 Hunting Hills Lane in Boone. Police ask attendees to look for the Alray Tire bus that will be nearby.

The department will sell raffle tickets for $5 each for a chance to win the opportunity to use a stun gun on Crawford. Tickets will be sold at the Boone Police Department during operating hours by contacting Capt. Andy Le Beau. Tickets will be sold at the event until 8 p.m. with one winner declared and the live stun gun demonstration taking place around 8:30 p.m., Le Beau said.

The winner of the raffle will be given a brief demonstration on the use of the device and will be assisted by an instructor. Le Beau said BPD utilizes devices that can be used with probes that shoot out or can be used by direct contact. He said the participant will use the device with the probes.

“Tasers are an important tool for law enforcement to potentially allow police to use a less than lethal weapon when confronted with some dangerous and/or deadly force situations,” Boone Police stated. “Even though the taser is a common law enforcement tool, most law-abiding citizens do not know much about it. Criminals who resist arrest tend to know a bit more about them.”

The event will be part of Boone Police’s “Coffee with a Cop” meeting series that the department has been hosting monthly to allow the community to get to know the police department. The event will double as a fundraiser with funds going to Special Olympics North Carolina.

“The Boone Police Department is actively involved in Special Olympics,” the department stated. “Since this is going to be such a ‘fun’ event for everyone except Chief Crawford, we decided to turn it into a fundraiser to benefit Special Olympics.”

A dunking booth featuring other Boone Police officers is also set to be at the event. Special Olympics athletes are planned to join the event, and Special Olympics shirts will be sold as well.

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Unreal. What a disconnect. Tasing is no joke. If this news item goes national, it will make Boone look stupid.

Will they be giving out toy tasers to the children?

Why would tasing a person be a prize? I hope the winner declines the opportunity to tase the chief.


Great idea!

Bad Idea! What on earth were they thinking?

Right, hopefully they rethink the plan


I find this disturbing. I'm doing my best to teach my children to respect our law enforcement officers. Selling raffle tickets to get a chance to use a stun gun on the Chief seems over the line and foolish. I wish our Police Department had thought this through a little more.

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