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BOONE — The Boone Police Department is asking for the public’s help in eliminating traffic congestion on Blowing Rock Road.

According to Boone Police, several popular eating and coffee establishments have a tendency to attract several patrons causing traffic to come to a standstill on Blowing Rock Road as customers are attempting to enter the parking area and/or the drive through locations.

“This can cause traffic crashes and lead to road rage incidents,” the department stated. “If you see that traffic is beginning to back up into the roadway, consider your fellow traveler and either continue on to another location or park elsewhere and walk to the establishment of your choice.”

The Boone Police Department stated that officers will work together with businesses along Blowing Rock Road to help keep traffic moving. Signs will be placed in various locations that will remind and encourage travelers not to impede the flow of traffic or block intersections. Officers will also be monitoring the flow of traffic for violations.

“Thank you for your compliance and your patronage to these businesses,” Boone Police stated.

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(2) comments


"This can cause traffic crashes and lead to road rage incidents,"

People to THANK for this

Any person who was complicit in increasing our university enrollment without regard to the infrastructure of the town. Greed doesn't care about common sense.

In the past 5 years this quaint, charming town has been destroyed. The traffic on Blowing Rock Road is nothing. Wait until the monstrous apartment buildings have been finished. Every side road in Boone will become a standstill parking lot.


Not much use to walk to the establishment if it is closed for dine in.

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