Kidd Brewer Crowds

Fans at Kidd Brewer Stadium.

BOONE — More details were released Wednesday afternoon related to College GameDay's visit to Boone on Sept. 17. 

Chancellor Sheri Everts sent out an email Wednesday afternoon updating the campus community on key details surrounding the shows visit. 

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So I take it the poster contest is for students only. Once again the local people who have to put up more than they should have no part in any of this.


Of course not! Sheri could not care less about the local community (or heck, even the university community of students, faculty, and staff either!) Our community is merely the source of more resources for her and the university to vampirize in her endless quest to appease her Board of Trustee and Board of Governors corporate masters.

One can only hope that her actions and "leadership" are merely steps before moving to greener pastures and a higher paying job at another institution, and that she might finally leave our community in peace (and pieces...)

It would help if the local community spoke out more against the encroachments of the university, instead of celebrating them. Having a successful football team in no way shape or form helps our community, it only hurts it. I get that people enjoy entertainment, but when it comes at the cost of education, when it comes at the cost of our town's infrastructure and well being, it should not be celebrated, it should be condemned for what it really is: a $25 million dollar annual money pit, with said annual losses subsidized primarily off the backs of students.


If anything, Sheri's recent message is likely to incite *even more* damage to the town/university. Considering that 5 days on now and she's still refused to make a public statement RE: what happened on the last two Saturdays (destruction of public property, damage to classrooms and classroom property, stopping traffic on King St., etc.) yet is now calling for everyone to "be loud" only spells more events of that nature.

Some leadership...

It sure would be nice if the WD actually did their job as a newspaper and mentioned these issues, but they'd rather serve as free advertising and a mouthpiece/bullhorn for the university. Can't say I'm surprised given the incestuous nature of the WD/AppState relationship: former WD employees now working at AppState communications, and a former App student now editing this paper...

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