On Nov. 13, families can experience a fun-filled night of magic and giving at a virtual fundraiser benefiting The Quiet Givers, a group of civic-minded community members united under a common goal, helping others. The event, called “The Magic of Giving,” is an interactive magic show that will be live-streamed for free via Facebook.

Utilizing community connections such as local nonprofits, schools and social workers, The Quiet Givers recognizes local needs that are currently not being met by existing programs and offers humanitarian relief. Their upcoming fundraiser, “The Magic of Giving” was created out of a desire to produce an enjoyable, family friendly experience for the community, while also raising funds needed to continue their charity work.

“Things have been so hard with COVID, there’s really been no live entertainment, no big family events for people to go to,” said Matthew Lucas, Executive Director of the Quiet Givers. “So we said, lets have some fun, let’s do a magic show. It’s unique, it’s different, no one else is doing that and we can have a little fun while raising money for a good cause.”

Working with a number of different organizations, the Quiet Givers have made significant contributions to a variety of causes over the years, tackling issues such as securing rent for struggling families, to covering the cost of auto repairs and keeping folks heat on during the High Country’s harsh winter months. Aside from the fundraising aspect, the “Magic of Giving Event” also serves as a means for the Quiet Givers to say thank you to the community.

“It’s kind of like a thank you, not just for the people who have supported us, but to the people we have helped support,” said Lucas. “It’s free to attend, but we are asking for a suggested donation of $10, they’ll be a donation link available when the show goes live.”

Those willing to donate to the event will also be entered into a drawing. “For every ten dollars people donate they’ll be entered into a drawing for some fun prizes that we’re going to have,” said Lucas.

A master magician, Caleb Sigmon, who first became interested in magic as a kid, will be providing the entertainment for the event. According to Sigmon, his family looks forward to assisting the Quiet Givers organization and promoting their causes every chance they get.

“What I love about Quiet Givers, is that they create real magic for people in this community,” said Sigmon. “At the end of the day, all that I’ve got is card tricks and silly stuff, but they are actually impacting people’s lives in huge ways, which is really incredible.”

By coupling charity with a night of cheerful magic, Sigmon believes that the “Magic of Giving” event will be one to remember and urges those who can to tune in on Nov. 13.

“I think it will be a night that instills wonder inside of each of us, including me, and will remind us that there are still really good things happening in the world around us,” said Sigmon. “I get to perform hundreds of magic shows each year and some are for really good causes, but none of them mean as much to me as this upcoming event with Quiet Givers, I’m honored to partner with them.”

The “Magic of Giving” fundraiser event will be streamed live on Facebook on Nov. 13, at 7:30 p.m. The event is free, however, a suggested donation of $10 is appreciated, with all funds going towards helping community members in need. Those interested in viewing this event can visit https://www.facebook.com/quietgivers. For more information regarding the work of the Quiet Givers or to donate to their cause, visit https://quietgivers.org/.

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