The ever-growing music scene of Asheville is offering up another fun treat for High Country ears when The Get Right Band comes to Boone Sept. 1.

The Get Right Band’s gig here in Boone marks the beginning of their album release tour for their new recording “Who’s In Charge?”

Like a lot of groups that are based in Asheville these days, the various members of the band are from other parts of the eastern United States. Western North Carolina became a destination for these musicians who were looking for a musical town in which to grow. The members of The Get Right Band include Silas Derocher on guitar and vocals, Jesse Gentry on bass and vocals and JC Mears on drums, percussion and vocals.

“I am originally from Maryland and then I went to school down in Florida and was looking for a place to move to after school that had a good music scene, and ideally was on the east coast,” said Derocher. “It seemed like Asheville was real supportive of original music, but also had a good quality of life in terms of good outdoor stuff to explore and good people. I just thought I’d give it a shot and I moved here nine years ago and I love it.”

Silas has been playing music since he was 12 years old. Around the same time, he found a friend who also shared the same love for funky jams, and the two of them would go on to form The Get Right Band when they grew older.

“I’ve been playing with Jesse, the bass player in The Get Right Band, for pretty much the whole time I’ve been a musician,” said Silas. “Jesse was living with his girlfriend down in the British Isles. He was guiding snorkel tours on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. I was playing with a different band at the time and I needed a bass player all of a sudden for a gig, and he came up. It was great for us to be playing together again. Then, that band broke up and we put this band together. The Get Right Band has been together for about five years.”

The sound of The Get Right Band is culled from many different genres with the focus being to get the listeners in a good place mentally.

“We call our sound ‘rock-funk-reggae’ and we draw from many different influences and try to not limit ourselves by any one style,” said Silas. “We try to follow whatever is inspiring us at the moment and we make sure we keep the audience on their toes. We try to give them something new and fresh. We like music that feels good and is honest and passionate.”

When Silas is asked about his guitar heroes, he hands out the usual names you would expect. Then, however, he mentions a rather obscure artist who has proved to be an interesting influence.

“I like guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Django Reinhardt, Jerry Garcia, Derek Trucks and Wes Montgomery, but Ernest Ranglin is also a favorite of mine that a lot of people might not know about,” said Silas. “Ernest Ranglin is a Jamaican guitar player who plays a style of music that is a combination of jazz and reggae. He is an old timer who I believe came up in the 1960s. He is still playing today, but he has to be in his 80s. He is a really clean, tasteful and melodic player and I’ve always loved his music. I’m really into reggae and I found him by trading some records with some friends, so somebody passed him along to me. It was one of those things where when I heard him, it sounded like what I wanted to do already on the guitar, just that he was way better than me. We play somewhat of a similar style, but he is years and years beyond me. I just dug in and listened to him and I learn whatever I can from him.”

Ultimately, when playing live, The Get Right Band’s goal is to spread positivity and fun.

“It is all about getting people right,” said Silas. “Music is what makes us happiest and we try to bring that to the audience. We hope people dance or just feel it in whatever way that moves them and they take part in the night and be engaged. That is what the band is about and so far it has been going great.”

Along with Thursday’s show in Boone, The Get Right Band will perform at the Blue Bear Mountain Music Festival next week.

More information on these shows can be found on our Nightlife Listings, page 17.

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