National winning quilter Rita Verroca will be bringing a presentation via Zoom on November 10.

Beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 10, national award winner Rita Verroca from Virginia will be doing a live Zoom presentation for the Mountain Piecemakers Quilt Guild. Baltimore Album style quilts that she designs have won numerous awards at quilt shows in Paducah, Ky., as well as other large quilt shows around the US.

Verroca is a world-renowned quilter whose work has been featured on magazine covers and in calendars and books. In her quilts, she combines old heritage-quilt patterns with delightful and playful arrangements. Verroca cherishes the traditional art of hand appliqué and hand quilting and wishes to share her contagious enthusiasm for this art form with others.

In this lecture/ trunk show Verroca will give an insight into different time periods of American quilt making, from its humble beginnings as utilitarian necessity to its glorious statement of a Baltimore Album Quilt. Verroca will explore on the basis of her quilts various aspects of the art of the American quilt and quilt making. Verroca will explore the history and versatility of patterns, the development and use of color in fabrics and find meaning in the artistic expression of quilters, which characterized the lives they lived. Rita will educate, humor and inspire you with her knowledge of history, personal experience and entertaining stories. Her contagious enthusiasm will ignite in everybody the desire to carry on the art of the American Quilt.

For more information, click to the website You will be sent a link to the Zoom. On the website you can see the other activities we have done and are planning.

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