The Jane Lonon Legacy Fund anounced the 2021 Jane Lonon Legacy Grant. After careful consideration the committee selected one winner and a $2,500 Jane Lonon Legacy Grant will be awarded to the Greater Lansing Area Development (GLAD) organization for a community mural honoring Lansing, NC native and American folk singer and songwriter Ola Belle Reed.

The GLAD Mural project will engage local artists Joni Ray and Whitney Landwehrmann to create a community mural honoring Ola Belle Reed. The mural will be located on the south side of the Lansing Food building, one of the first buildings seen when traveling north into Lansing from West Jefferson on Highway 194. The goal of GLAD, a non-profit organization, is to support Lansing’s economic growth, environmental awareness and preserve the charm and historic integrity of the town.

The grant was awarded in 2020 to the Ashe County Mural Connectivity Project. The Jane Lonon Legacy Fund was established in June 2019 to honor the dedication and hard work of Jane Lonon, retired Executive Director of the Ashe County Arts Council. Objectives of the grant include featuring fine arts, heritage crafts or performing arts of the Appalachian region, promoting projects that contribute to tourism and economic development in Ashe County and celebrating the cultural and artistic diversity of people and families in the region.

The Jane Lonon Legacy Grant committee includes Ashe County Arts Council board members, artists and community members. The Ashe County Arts Council staff will facilitate the grant. The next grant cycle will begin in January of 2022. For more information contact the Arts Council at (336) 846-2787 or

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