Lauren Brown has been an interior designer for more than 30 years, bringing N.C. furniture into homes around the world. Now, she is bringing her interior design firm, A Designer’s Touch by Lauren, to Boone.

Self-taught and still self-teaching, Brown includes anyone who wants to give their home or a room in their home a fresh new look in her clientele. She says it’s always a personal experience to be invited into someone’s home, and her clients display a great amount of trust to allow her into their nest to make changes.

Brown has served clients from across the world throughout her career, offering phone consultations and e-design sessions for international and long-distance homes.

“I treat everyone the exact same way,” said Brown, adding that she takes clients regardless of small or large budgets. “It’s where I come from — it’s who I am.”

Brown is partnered with the Hickory Furniture Mart as the only interior designer that offers client-based tours of the facility, and she recently joined the Boone Chamber of Commerce. Brown offers multiple services for interior designing, including one called “Designer for a Day.”

In the future, Brown hopes to have an office space and serve as a mentor for interior design students attending Appalachian State University and other colleges in the High Country.

To learn more about A Designer’s Touch by Lauren, including services and contact information, visit

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The previous comment was written in response to an article that claimed that I was the only Designer who brings their Clients to The Hickory Furniture Mart. It was an unfortunate misunderstanding on the reporters part. I'm very excited to share my Design Services with The High Country which does include bringing my Clients to The Mart and other Design Centers throughout North Carolina.

We look forward to working with Lauren and her clients on all of her future design projects. To clarify so it’s not confusing to our customers, Designing Women ( is the only design firm that has their office located inside Hickory Furniture Mart. Their designers have been working with Mart customers for over 30 years and are often credited with originating the popular “Designer for the Day” package that so many designers now offer today to their clients. Our showrooms enjoy working with all designers and their clients in the Boone area and worldwide....Tracey Trimble, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Hickory Furniture Mart (

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