The High Country Christian Church will become Hope Church on Jan. 10, 2021.

BOONE — Seven years after first opening, High Country Christian Church is finding renewal in hope, and changing its name to reflect that.

The church will take on the name Hope Church beginning Jan. 10, 2021, starting a new year with a new name, according to Pastor Josh Thurman.

“We wanted our name to not just be a reflection of where we are, but who we are,” Thurman said. “It’s a straight-forward name and sends a positive message.”

He said discussions about the name change began months before the announcement on Nov. 22. Since then, the church has been working with a firm in Atlanta to go through the legal process, according to Thurman.

He said the church went through the same attorneys who helped them originally set up the church seven years ago, when they were just starting out in Blowing Rock. After a roughly three-month process, the name change became legal, but the church is still going by High Country Christian Church until they fully make the switch.

“I’m sure when the name change happens, I’ll still say the wrong name three to four times,” Thurman joked.

Now located on Bamboo Road in Boone, the church has grown to between 75 and 100 members, and Thurman said it was universal approval when the name change was announced.

“It’s pretty amazing, to have everyone agree like that,” Thurman said. “After this past year, where ‘hope’ was one of Google’s most-searched words, I think it’s what people need.”

More information about the church can be found on their website, www.highcountrychristian.com, their Facebook page, www.facebook.com/highcountrychristian, by calling (828) 773-8452 or stopping by at 4469 Bamboo Road in Boone.

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