FTE check presentation

Ben Cox and Amber Bateman of High Country 365 presented an oversized check for $3,000 to Freedom Trail Elementary School in January 2020. PTO president Brittany Beam (second from right), received the check on the school’s behalf. Mrs. Melanie McLeod’s first-grade class was the highest-selling class of dining passes, with Corbin Greene as the highest-selling student.

BOONE — High Country 365 is encouraging the public to purchase its 2021 High Country Dining Passes, with seven area restaurants helping promote the use of the cards for dine-in or takeout.

“We’re realizing in deeper ways than ever how much we need each other,” High Country 365 stated. “Restaurants need people to get out and eat again. The general public needs incentives to come out and eat — while supporting worthy causes. And our local schools need all the support they can get.”

The High Country Dining Passes are foldable, wallet-sized books that include BOGO meals for High Country restaurants, from fast food to fine dining in Watauga, Ashe and Avery counties. Each year, a portion of sales from the dining passes benefit area schools, and with traditional fundraising events such as fall festivals canceled due to COVID-19, High Country 365 says this fundraiser is needed more than ever.

“Between our school fundraisers and other charities, we have been able to raise over $50,000 in the last two years, with our participating schools being the major beneficiaries,” High Country 365 stated. “This year, due to the financial strain that schools are experiencing, we have chosen to donate exclusively to participating schools in all three counties. A person can designate a county and we will split a percentage of your purchase between all our participating schools. Or, they can order directly from the schools who have chosen to work with us.”

The restaurants helping promote the campaign include Booneshine, Mint and Makoto’s in Boone, Boondocks and Louise’s Sweet Tea Cafe in Ashe County and Stonewalls and Bodegas in Avery County.

For more info, visit highcountry365.com or call 828-263-0095 to find out how to support a specific school.

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