BLOWING ROCK — Casting Bread announces its “Give Thanks for 2020 Challenge.’”During the twenty days from Nov. 1–20, the organization will focus on the things for which to be thankful in 2020.

“At a time when so many are focused on negative narratives about 2020, we are encouraged by how much good has occurred this year,” said Casting Bread’s Executive Director Sam Garrett. “Casting Bread has been blessed with droves of volunteers, generous families and companies, new partner organizations, and enough food to provide for all in need who found their way to our door.”

To maintain its ability to feed families, Casting Bread invites you to participate in the “Give Thanks for 2020 Challenge” by donating $20, donate 20 cans of food and challenging 20 people to take the same challenge.

Visit to make your donation, donate 20 cans of food and download tools to help you invite 20 people to increase food security.

Casting Bread is an IRS-designated 501©(3) organization founded in 2006. Casting Bread’s vision is to Increase Food Security with a mission to provide Food, Compassion and Community. Each month, Casting Bread distributes an average of 19,000 pounds of food to 640 individuals, and it happens thanks to volunteers who work over 2,000 hours a month. To learn more about Casting Bread, visit To obtain materials to promote the Give Thanks for 2020 Challenge within your organization, email Sam Garrett at

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