The Blowing Rock Community Foundation has announced Grace Temple, Breanna Meadows, Jasmine Van Dyke and Hayley Barker as the scholarship recipients for 2019.

This includes the fourth recipient of the Ginny and David Stevens Scholarship – Grace Temple, the third recipient of the David and Nancy Rankin Scholarship – Breanna Meadows, the first recipient of the Robert Hess Scholarship – Jasmine Van Dyke, as well as Hayley Barker.

“The foundation is very proud of these scholarship recipients both past and present,” a statement from the Blowing Rock Community Foundation stated. “Many thanks to all of the members of the community who have contributed time, talent, and resources to support the foundation and the amazing young people in our community.”

The four students pictured will join the current fourteen scholarship recipients for a total of 18 scholarships awarded for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Six scholarship recipients will graduate this May — Aaron Dobbins from Campbell University, Haley Banks Harwood from the University of North Carolina. Chapel Hill, Austin Northern from Liberty University, Rachel Norwood from Western Carolina University, and Lilly Weeks from Auburn University. Tucker Chasteen will graduate from Liberty University in 2020.

The Foundation initially awarded one full scholarship, including tuition, room and board, and books. In 1999, Amber Teague Bratt was the first Foundation scholarship recipient to complete her undergraduate degree. Since then, one hundred plus students have received scholarships totaling over $913,000. Of that number, over ninety percent have graduated with undergraduate or associates degrees and many have, or are in the process of, obtaining advanced degrees.

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