LANSING — The Lansing Board of Aldermen held their regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Sept. 18 at Lansing Town Hall, discussing a possible addition to the town’s park and the replacement of a bridge.

Originally planned to be livestreamed on Facebook, technical difficulties stopped them from doing so. Mayor Mack Powers said the town apologizes for the issue.

Before the meeting could begin, there was some question of whether it would happen. Aldermen Matt Cordell and Jim Blevins were on-hand, but Tom Richardson, Cheyenne Blevins and Teresa McCoy were initially absent. Powers said McCoy wouldn’t be attending due to a back issue. Before they could cancel the meeting outright, Richardson arrived to give the meeting quorum and allow it to continue.

Speaking to the board was Justin Royal, who wanted to discuss with the board a possible skate park in the Lansing Creeper Trail Park. Royal suggested the addition to give kids a place to play in a new way, while also keeping them off the streets and out of trouble. He added that he and a friend who is a contractor would be happy to build it, cover the costs and maintain it in the future. While no board member had any objection to the idea, with Cordell being very much in support of it, the issue came to where to put it.

The board was worried about whether there would be any room for it that wasn’t in the floodplain. One suggestion was to move the community garden, but ultimately no decision could be made until they had a better idea about the dimensions. Royal suggested starting small and continually adding to it, saying he’d come back to the board with a clearer idea about the size.

Powers also updated the board about the ongoing N.C. DOT project to replace the bridge on N.C. 194. Powers said he had been told the detour street would be poured Thursday, Sept. 10 and opened Sept. 15. After the street is opened, DOT would get to work replacing the bridge piece-by-piece.

The board also made two changes to their tax collecting policy. The first was the decision to no longer accept credit card payments over the phone for bills, moving entirely to online payments or at Town Hall. The board also opted to use the county’s tax collection service beginning in July, 2021.

The next meeting of the Lansing Board of Aldermen will be Tuesday, Oct. 13.

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