Bronwyn Kieth-Hynes

Bronwyn Keith-Hynes with fiddle.

Inspired by her first year living in Nashville, the formerly Boston-based fiddle player, Bronwyn Keith-Hynes of the globally recognized bluegrass group Mile Twelve, prepares to release her debut solo album titled “Fiddlers Pastime” on Sept. 4.

“The inspiration to make this album came from my move to Nashville in November 2018. I’d been living in Boston for a long time, I went to college up there at Berklee College of Music and formed Mile Twelve afterward, but I started feeling like I needed a change and wanted to soak up everything the Nashville music scene had to offer,” said Keith-Hynes.

Originally from Charlottesville, Va., the talented and innovative musician who began fiddling at age 3 has since gone on to play venues all over the world, but is no stranger to the High Country.

“In the summers I would save the money I made busking at the downtown mall and buy a Greyhound bus ticket to North Carolina to visit musician friends in Boone and Asheville and attend the music classes at the Swannanoa Gathering Fiddle and Celtic weeks,” said Keith-Hynes.

Just last spring, Keith-Hynes, along with her band Mile Twelve made their MerleFest debut, a gig which the band referred to as “one of the highlights of the year for us.”

Regarding the recording process for her debut album “Fiddlers Pastime,” Keith-Hynes who pulls inspirations from instrumental composers such as Bela Fleck, John Reischman and Mark Simos, stated that “recording and releasing it independently has definitely been a big learning process. There were things I didn’t even know I didn’t know about, until I came across them and had to figure them out!”

For this album, Keith-Hynes credits her producer, Wes Corbett as being a key part of that learning process. “Wes, was a really important part of the project and contributed a lot of arrangement and performance ideas. He was also a really helpful sounding board for my song ideas and I think I really needed someone to run things by, because I’m used to having four other people in Mile Twelve to bounce ideas off of,” she said.

For Keith-Hynes, this new album is an opportunity to share a glimpse of who she is as an artist and to leave an impression on the vast world that is bluegrass music.

“My hope with Fiddler’s Pastime is to get to share a little bit of who I am with the greater bluegrass community. It’s my first little addition to the giant tapestry that is bluegrass music, and I hope that people enjoy it.”

“Fiddler Pastime,” the debut album from Brownyn Keith-Hynes is set to be released on Sept. 4 and is available for pre-order online at

Abby Whitt contributed reporting to this article.

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