Corlina Kiernan steps in to the role of Captain Mackenzie for 'Horn in the West'

Corlina Kiernan steps in to the role of Captain Mackenzie for ‘Horn in the West’ from July 24-28.

Halfway through its 68th season, “Horn in the West” has welcomed a new villain, proving that the show must go on. Due to unforeseen circumstances pertaining to the show, the fearsome Captain Mackenzie, typically portrayed by Christopher Morrow, will now be brought to life through Corlina Kiernan.

While Morrow’s interpretation of the villain was a captain who is brutish and cruel, Kiernan will have something different to offer to the audience. Her new villain approach is a refined gentleman who is smugly sadistic.

Incredibly excited, honored and humbled, Kiernan is preparing for her first lead role ever. She has had less than two weeks to learn the fights and lines, but she has had her eye on the role since her first year performing for “Horn in the West.”

The board of directors are confident in their decision to cast Kiernan as a temporary Captain Mackenzie because she has the necessary skill set. She is a co-fight captain and is known for playing both male and female parts. Producers of “Horn in the West” have decided not to alter Kermit Hunter’s script or change the gender of Captain Mackenzie, as he is based off a historical character. However, this will be the first time in the history of “Horn in the the West” to cast a female as a male role.

Kiernan will be Captain Mackenzie from July 24-28. “Horn in the West” shows run every night except Monday nights at 8 p.m. Gates open at 7:30 p.m. The last date of shows will be Aug. 10.

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