Russ and Mark

Russ Seamster (left) presents Mark Hayes with a Challenge Coin to recognize Hayes’ contributions to the gaming community in Boone in February 2019.

A game store in Boone is looking to recognize those who have laid the groundwork and contributed to the local gaming community for the second consecutive year by taking nominations for its challenge coin contest.

Dragon’s Den opened nominations for their challenge coin honor in a Facebook post on Dec. 21. Challenge coins have been around for centuries, each representing varied subjects including military service, mission involvement, landmark events and recognition of excellence.

“The Dragon’s Den Challenge Coin is a community-oriented award and token of recognition that was established in 2020 by the co-owners of the local Dragon’s Den hobby store,” read the announcement post. “The coin’s primary purpose is to show the community’s gratitude for these individuals whom have dedicated time, energy, finances or undergone personal hardships to better the local community.”

The honor is namely for those have helped the “local hobby, nerd and gaming” community.

In February 2019, co-owners Russ Seamster and Josh Shields presented coins to the store’s former owners, Mark Hayes and Kevin Tutterow in a ceremony at Basil’s Restaurant. Hayes and Tutterow were honored for their roles in keeping the scene welcoming, alive and thriving.

The nomination form can be found on the store’s Facebook page at

For more information about the Dragon’s Den, stop by the store at 43 Greenway Road, Suite O, in Boone or by visiting its Facebook page.

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