October craft

A creative Halloween door decoration provides a scary good craft this season.

My favorite thing about teaching crafts is exploring what inspires others to create especially if it incorporates recycling or “upcycling” materials. Every now and then, I love to share another crafter’s idea or views so we all may learn from each other.

I was visiting a friend, Kelly Hall, recently and commented on her door piece among the many other decorative pieces she had. She proudly told me she made these and many other items from one of her favorite recycled materials, leftover cardboard which in the case of the door piece was a cereal box and old swimming pool box.

Kelly said, “What is great about using recycled materials is you don’t have to feel bad if you mess up because it is free to use. Learn from the error, start over and try again.“

We believe our home can be our own thrift store if we just imagine the possibilities beyond the obvious. My interest sparked further and I asked her if I could briefly interview her for this article. I’ll do my best to describe the basics as she did with me for this ghostly fun hanging project.

Learn from the basics, but as I always promote, just let go, and make it your own. Your ghost may be any shape, size, or color you wish, or make it a fun scavenger hunt around your home, your own thrift shop. Have each one make their own ghost or a family of them with pets. The most important thing in this lesson is look beyond the obvious and imagine the great possibilities. Happy Halloween. Boo!


  • Cereal box unfolded flat for bats
  • A box that can be unfolded for the size of the ghost you wish.
  • Ribbons
  • White and black spray paint
  • White and black paint
  • Wire
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Free bat or ghost template online (Kelly freehanded hers.)


1. Lightly draw the ghost on larger cardboard piece. Kelly extended his head to have a place to write “Hey Boo” which she attached hanging wire from there or you could simply draw the ghost without that and use the two arms to attach the hanging wire to. Once you finish, cut out your ghost and spray paint both sides with white. You can do just the front if you wish.

2. Trace the bats next on your cereal box material, cut, then spray paint black.

3. Once all are dry, puncture a hole in each arm or headpiece so you can take loop your wire through twist it around.

4. She then took different ribbon she found around and bow tied each on the looped wire so it would give a garland effect over his head and use it to easily hang it on her front door.

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