Santa will be at the Ashe County Civic Center Saturday, Dec. 5.

Santa’s annual visit to Ashe County is rapidly approaching. He is preparing for his visit with the help of Mrs. Claus and the elves while still hard at work planning his trip and reading letters from children all over the world.

Santa will be visiting his favorite kids on Saturday, Dec. 5 from 8-11 a.m. at the Ashe Civic Center located on Highway 221 between Jefferson and West Jefferson. This event is free but reservations for a drive through time is required.

Santa did not want to miss the opportunity to wish Ashe County children a Merry Christmas, but he knew he couldn’t meet everyone at the Arts Council building as he has in the past. Parents will bring their children by car into the Civic Center parking lot and the children will greet Santa from inside their vehicle. Santa has made sure that there will be goody bags for all as there have been in the past and he has made sure that Frosty and Rudolph will be there too.

Santa loves getting letters. Please use the letter form that Mrs. Claus prepared for children if they want to write to Santa. There will be a mailbox at the Civic Center for your letters to Santa

Mrs. Claus has supplied him with lots of red and white masks and he knows he must keep a 6-foot distance from the boys and girls he has loved to see up close in the past. Santa thinks that this year’s new drive-thru visit is the best way to greet his favorite friends in Ashe County during this time and he is looking forward to seeing all of you.

Register for a drive through time slot at or call (336) 846-2787. Join us for a visit with Santa on Saturday, Dec. 5 from 8-11 a.m. at the Ashe Civic Center. Sponsored by the Ashe Civic Center and the Ashe County Arts Council.

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