Satellite Rotary

More than 40 people attended the Satellite Rotary event on Feb. 10 in Blowing Rock.

BLOWING ROCK — The Rotary Club of Blowing Rock opted not to hold its weekly noon meeting Feb. 10 and met instead in a social setting at Sunset and Vine, suppliers of fine wine and comestibles. A total of 40 members, spouses and guests joined the fun. Jim Zellner, rotary vice president and program chair, organized the event.

Blowing Rock now has two rotary clubs. The new Satellite Club, with Melissa Pickett as president, meets the second and the fourth Mondays of every month at Sunset and Vine. Working people, who may not be free at lunchtime, find the Satelitte Club fits their schedules and offers relaxation at the end of the work day.

The Satellite Club was established by Blowing Rock Rotary President-elect Greg Davis and will be guided for a time by Davis and by current Blowing Rock Rotary President Ed Tausche. Like the parent club, founded in 1946, its role will be to perform local and international service, build good will and enjoy fellowship in following the rotary motto, “to do good in the world.” The Satellite Club joined the traditional club for the social event.

This is not your Grandmother’s rotary either. Tiffany Ervin of the Four Seasons Rotary Club of Hendersonville, heads Western North Carolina Rotary Clubs as District Governor.

People interested in exploring the new rotary experience with either club may visit either club by contacting David Sweet, membership chair,

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