JEFFERSON — Families gathered at the Museum of Ashe County History for fun, games and contests as a part of First Responders Recognition and Family Fun Day on Saturday, July 20.

Activities for the day included a bounce house, a doughnut-eating contest, storytelling and a chance to learn about Ashe County’s history. Ashe County Rescue Squad also gave a demonstration on how they use the Jaws of Life to save victims of car wrecks.

The doughnut-eating competition consisted of four contestants, including Detective Scott Gambill from the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office and Levi Lewis from Ashe County Rescue Squad. The first contestant to finish six doughnuts, provided by Hole Lotta Doughnuts, would take first place.

All four contestants started strong, but Lewis quickly took the lead with his effective strategy of smushing two doughnuts together and eating them two at a time. It didn’t take long for two challengers to throw in the towel, leaving only Gambill and Lewis in a race for first.

By the time Gambill had reached for his last doughnut, it was too late. Lewis finished his last bite and secured first place.

“I wasn’t even trying,” Lewis said.

Michelle Swann, owner of Hole Lotta Doughnuts, awarded Lewis a gift certificate for a free dozen doughnuts for his victory in the competition.

Following the contest, children and parents gathered around Ashe County Rescue Squad for the Jaws of Life demonstration. Rob Blevins, Chief of ACRS, talked through each step of the process, from busting the windows to prying off the roof of the vehicle.

Ramona Renfroe, executive director for the Ashe County Museum, said she was pleased with how the event turned out.

First responders at the event included ACRS, West Jefferson Fire Department, Laurel Springs Volunteer Fire Department, Ashe County Sheriff’s Department and the North Carolina Highway Patrol. Ashe County Sheriff Phil Howell was also in attendance, as well as Rep. Ray Russell.

Catering for the event was provided by the Jefferson Lodge Odd Fellows, and the Ashe County Public Library also had a tent set up during the day.

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