Shagging, a beach dance described by the late writer Lewis Grizzard as “jitterbug on Valium”, became a growing topic of interest in the Boone area in the mid-1980s. A number of locals would regularly travel to North Myrtle Beach to enjoy the dance, the music and the fellowship.

As a result, beach and shag music DJ’s began playing locally on Beech Mountain and in Boone. About the summer of ‘87, several folks traveled to Hickory to Yesterday’s Lounge for an afternoon of shag lessons taught by Susie Beaver of Greensboro. These lessons led to a small pod of hopeful Boone dancers driving regularly to Beaver’s studio in Greensboro to learn more and to Beaver coming to Boone to teach lessons to the folks here. Boone was officially bitten by the shag bug and the locals began gathering on Tuesday nights at various residences to enjoy the dance.

Nearly 32 years ago, on one such Tuesday night, four of the folks created the Boone Shag Club. The goal was and continues to be purely to enjoy the music, the dance and the fellowship, gathering the most people together for the most fun.

In ‘87, monthly dances and Tuesday night meet-ups were held at the Quality Inn, Holiday Inn (where Lowe’s Hardware now stands), then Makotos (in its old building), Meadowbrook Inn in Blowing Rock.

Local shaggers continue to gather on Tuesday nights, through October and on the second and fourth Fridays during the months of November to April. Information about the club, its events, its history, lessons and meet-ups can be found at and on the club’s Facebook page. Dance lessons are free with your membership and those fees are now reduced through the rest of 2019.

All events are open to the public and everyone is welcome and invited to dance or just enjoy the music. The more the merrier.

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