Born and raised in Boone, local Kyle Sigmon is gearing up to release a full-length album titled “13” on May 13.

Sigmon is a pastor at FaithBridge UMC in Blowing Rock, husband and father, who has always been drawn to writing and performing music. Being from the “launching pad” for musical talents such as Eric Church and Luke Combs, Sigmon says “it is plain to see that (the High Country) is an inspirational place with a whole lot of talented people.”

Sigmon credits acts such as The Beatles, James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel, Nirvana, Coldplay and Sufjan Stevens for his musical inspiration during different stages of his life and into adulthood. These artists also showcased the importance of storytelling through music, something that Sigmon keeps in mind while writing his own songs.

“Songwriting, for me, is like entering into an age-old conversation,” Sigmon said. “It is about finding our own voice in the midst of all the voices around us — like in a conversation, we start with listening and then we respond based on what we have seen and learned.”

Sigmon says that while he tries to keep up with new artists and trends in the industry, “the biggest challenge” has been discovering his own music.

“Bringing a song into life is similar to gardening. It starts with a small seed, a thought, a feeling, a melody, a word, and it begins to grow with time, effort and imagination. It is still quite a mystery to me where the songs come from, which is part of the thrill for me. It feels like participating in something bigger than me,” Sigmon said.

In his new album, Sigmon reflects on his personal experiences with love, saying that the album is “like a musical autobiography in a sense.”

“(Songwriting for ‘13’) has been about voicing my love for my wife, for my kids and even beyond love of family to living a life of love to make the world a better place,” Sigmon said. “Each song has its own sound that I believe best portrayed the theme and feeling being expressed.”

Sigmon, who played all the instruments on the album and did all the recording, has several songs on the album that have a special place in his heart for various reasons. He also faced the challenge of deciding which original songs he was going to record for the album since he has written hundreds of songs through the course of his life.

“I knew right away that I was going to do the song ‘13,’ based on 1 Corinthians 13, and I would do the song ‘Tell You Everyday,’ which I wrote to sing at my wedding 13 years ago,” Sigmon said, adding that another song, named “Fall,” is based on the story of how he met his wife, Elise.

“My family has always been my biggest fans and support system. From my parents and late grandparents to now my wife and my kids, they have encouraged me and shown me that they truly like my songs, and don’t just tell me that because they think they have to,” Sigmon said. “I have enjoyed incorporating their voices into a couple of the songs on the upcoming album as well. The nice thing about having five kids is that I have my own choir whenever I need it.”

As the album’s release date approaches, in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sigmon is planning to livestream each day from his artist Facebook page starting on May 1 at

Sigmon said, “Each day I’ll play a song from the album and have a little time to share about each song, and hopefully, I’ll have some interaction with anyone who’s online at that time.”

On May 13, the day of the album’s launch, Sigmon plans to host a “longer stream to celebrate and maybe even take some requests.”

Sigmon’s singles are available to stream through music services such as Google Play, Spotify and Apple Music. “13” will be available through the same platforms upon its release.

“I still hope to have a time to gather together and celebrate the album release once we are safe to do so after COVID-19 ceases to be such a risk,” Sigmon said.

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