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Pictured is the honorarium and memorial flowers that are placed at the top of the lawn located at Ashe Services for Aging in West Jefferson. Those who donate to the Because of their Love campaign have the option for a paper rose to be placed on the lawn with the name of their loved one written on the rose.

WEST JEFFERSON — Ashe Services for Aging recently launched a campaign to accept donations from the community for the transformation of its outdoor area, which is utilized by both their child daycare and adult day care attendees.

Jane M. Banks, ASA Foundation Chairman, sent out a letter detailing the campaign with the following story about one of their adult daycare participants, Lee and a child daycare participant, Emery.

What do you look forward to each day?

For Lee, he looks forward to coming to Generations Adult Day Care, a place he can come to each day to be with friends for meals and activities, a place he has attended for the past 13 years.

Prior to attending Generations, Lee lived with his aging mother, but she sadly suffered a stroke and was placed in a nursing home where she passed away. Thankfully, a family friend invited him into their home to live and brings him each day to Generations. At Generations, Lee finds a sense of purpose and industriousness despite his challenges, one of which is a speech impediment that makes him very difficult to understand. During his time here, he helps staff with daily cleaning tasks, carrying meals and supplies around the agency in his wagon, and greeting all of our visitors with handpicked flowers or a picture he has drawn.

He shares these same gifts with the children, like Emery who attends Generations Child Day Care. The children love Lee’s easy presence, his enthusiasm for racecars, and the special tokens he offers them throughout the day that make him smile. One space that nurtures and cultivates amazing intergenerational experiences for participants like Lee and Emery is our shared outdoor space; however, it is in desperate need of renovation and updated outdoor fixtures.

We are in need of your help to finish transforming our outdoor space into an area that our children and adults can enjoy together in a much more meaningful way. Your donation will go specifically toward purchasing natural and sustainable outdoor fixtures for our shared outdoor space. You would be investing in the joy that an infant brings to the heart of a senior, as they are able to rock a baby in a new rocker. You will provide smiles shared by toddlers and 20-year-olds as they work together in an outdoor garden or make music on outdoor instruments. We know that by enhancing our existing spaces and experiences, enriched lives will be the result and all because of your support.

As we find ourselves in the season of honoring and remembering our mothers, fathers, grandparents and other special people in our lives, we invite you to consider making a donation in honor or in memory of your loved one through our Because of Their Love campaign. Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated, and donations of $50 or more will be recognized by adding your loved one’s name to our virtual Family Tree that will be updated on our Facebook page regularly. Your loved one’s name will also be placed on a rose, which will beautifully decorate our lawn this summer for our community to remember and honor as well.

Donations will help ASA create an amazing space that adults and children, like Lee and Emery, can enjoy together.

“Can you imagine the joy of coming to a place every day that makes you feel an immeasurable sense of purpose and happiness,” wrote Banks in the letter. “Your support has helped us create this atmosphere for Lee and others and we now need your help to take their joy to a completely new level.”

To make donations or access more information about the campaign, visit the website at or call (336) 246-2461.


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