BANNER ELK — On Friday and Saturday, Aug. 30 and 31, the town of Banner Elk brought Christmas joy into the community as it celebrated “Christmas in August.” The seasonal festivities were officially recognized by the mayor of Banner Elk, Brenda Lyerly, declaring that Aug. 30 and 31 would be an annual Christmas celebration for the town.

This year’s festivities included Christmas music playing through the town from the clock tower on the Corner of Main every 30 minutes. Holiday decorations lined the streets, as well as some of the art booths at the local art festival, Art on the Greene.

The jolly festivities ended on Saturday evening, Aug. 31, with a performance by the Carolina Snowbelles. The Snowbelles performed in the Hayes Auditorium on the Sandi Solomon Stage at 7 p.m. along with other local talent.

The production would not be possible without Sandi Finci Solomon, who has an eye for the festive talent that she brought to the town. The stage is in fact named after Solomon, in honor of her contributions to the community.

“If it’s my stage, then I am putting the Snowbelles on it,” Solomon said. Solomon spearheaded the idea of this production and brought the performance to the town with the help of her Christmas elves.

The production featured the talent of the Carolina Snowbelles as well as other acts, including cloggers, a comedian and a special visit from Santa Claus.

“In a world of hatred and gun violence, I was so happy to be able to bring our community together in such a joyful and spirited way,” Solomon said.

The performance auditorium was filled with members from the community and the event was sold out, according to Solomon.

Proceeds from this event are donated to the Hayes Auditorium to help support the local community with upcoming events. After the jolly evening, Solomon is confident that the donated amount would put a smile on Saint Nick’s face.

For more information regarding Christmas in August, click to -in-august-featuring-the-carolina-snowbelles/?instance_id=447.

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