BLACKBERRY — Dozens of pottery fans had just a few seconds, if that, to grab their favorite piece of pottery during Bolick and Tradition’s annual Thanksgiving wood kiln sale in the morning of Saturday, Nov. 30.

More than 100 pieces of pottery were pulled out of a wood kiln that was fired up a few days before. The kiln reached upwards of 2,300 degrees, according to family members present. Progress was checked through various holes in the kiln. In the holes were pieces of porcelain that bent at certain temperatures.

About 10 a.m., Michael Calhoun crawled into the kiln and began passing the pieces out to be checked and priced by Lula Bolick, Janet Calhoun and other family members. Meanwhile, as the morning fog stayed overhead, Glenn Bolick explained the process to a gathering crowd.

The pieces were placed on three tables surrounded by caution tape. Two mugs that had molded together were auctioned off, as is tradition, before the sale began. Family members got out of the way before the dozens of pottery enthusiasts rushed to grab their favorite piece within seconds. Customers then went to either Bolick or Traditions on-site store to complete their purchase.

Bolick Pottery was opened by Lula and Glenn Bolick in 1973. Traditions Pottery was started by their daughter and son-in law, Janet and Mike Calhoun. The family operates a store in downtown Blowing Rock, located at 1155 Main St., Blowing Rock.

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