BANNER ELK — Tim Turner’s Pottery Showcase was held at the The Art Cellar Gallery from 3 to 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 23 and 24, featuring artwork from the local artisan.

“We had quite the crowd of clients, collectors and families that came out to see Tim and his new work,” Sarah Myers, The Art Cellar Gallery’s director, said.

Turner was born and raised in North Carolina and is well known for both his work in clay and his abstract paintings. The pottery showcase featured his signature style of functional stoneware and porcelain in a rich range of new and familiar glazes.

New this year for the show was Turner’s new basket forms, which are perfect for uses ranging from floral arrangements to holding utensils in the kitchen. From cups and vessels to serving pieces, his work has powerful lines, elegant forms, refined glazes and minimal ornamentation.

Turner started his work in clay at Appalachian State University in the mid 1970s, then moved on to Penland where he met and worked with some remarkable artists and craftspeople. In the early 1980s, Turner moved back to the Banner Elk area and opened a studio and gallery featuring his own work alongside other North Carolina potters.

As time progressed he began to focus some of his creative energy on abstract acrylics on canvas, and in 1996 he decided to close his pottery studio and gallery to focus on painting. He was constantly asked if he would return to clay, but it wasn’t until 2007 that he had the opportunity to get back in the clay studio.

He now maintains separate clay and painting studios, successfully dividing his energy between the two mediums. Along with showing his works in clay, The Art Cellar Gallery represents his large-scale paintings. Several of his abstracts are also on display.

The Art Cellar Gallery is located on Hwy. 184 in Banner Elk, featuring sculptures and paintings from regional, national and internationally acclaimed artists.

The three floors of exhibition space also feature regional pottery, glass and wood. For more information, click to or call (828) 898-5175.

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