Year-end contribution jar

A contribution jar by family and friends with added flair can prove a memorable craft when ringing in a new year.

Every end of each year, we contemplate the past as we dream of the future. This year has proven plans change at a moments notice, people need a bit more cheer, and we certainly cannot control everything. In reality, no one can so why are we so darn hard on ourselves.

In my Ol’ Mary fashion, I had to think of something more meaningful and inspiring to do than the normal chart or journal of resolutions. I saw jar ideas already full of 365 days of stuff. “Why?” I asked myself, when we have no clue of what this year will teach. Years pass by like a flash in the night. Is it possible to just spend time logging the memories, all achievements, large or small, adventures, or the quote or song that tickles your fancy?

A picture is worth a thousand words

Have everyone contribute their own flair to the jar. If you live alone, have friends or guests add, make it that journey. Don’t hold back with a bit of flair, lights, paper, ribbon, or whatever gives that jar a meaning in your home. Make sure to have a pen and cool paper by it for a momentary joy of thoughts.

In our home we love color, so index cards and my pens suit us. Place it where all can see. Throw in spare change if you wish for something special later, that cool achievement. Have everyone date it, if possible. Let’s start remembering the moments so they don’t seem to fade away. Handwriting has become a lost art with all the texting and computers. One thing I love to look at are the cards my parents use to write, especially their handwriting. Patrick and I plan to fill our jar so next year we read the old and start the New.

So voila! Our Craft of the Month. Happy and Blessed New Year everyone!

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