BRAHM's Home Movie Day

Enjoy an afternoon of home movies at the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum on March 19.

BLOWING ROCK — The Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, together with Appalachian State University, is bringing a worldwide movement to Blowing Rock on Saturday, March 19, with home movies.

Home Movie Day of the High Country is part of Home Movie Day, a brainchild of the Center for Home Movies, based in Maryland, a spokesman for the event said.

Home Movie Days have taken place all over the world, and they are celebrations of amateur filmmaking as important historical and cultural documents, he said.

At Home Movie Day of the High Country, which is free, the public is encouraged to bring their family films (super 8, 8mm and 16mm) to BRAHM. Once there, films will be previewed by staff and then portions of the films will be screened on the large screen in the museum’s Community Meeting Room for all to see.

If they wish, guests will have the opportunity to narrate their films for the rest of the guests. It will be a wonderful opportunity to walk down memory lane and revisit people, places, clothing and entertainment of the past, the spokesman said. It could also be a chance to finally find out what is on those cans of film you have had stored in your attic all these years.

Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns (“The Civil War,” “Jazz”) has said that Home Movie Day “is the perfect opportunity for people to connect with our past and to move the conversation about preserving our cultural heritage into the future.”

In addition to the film screening, archivists who specialize in film preservation and conversion will be on hand and guests will have the chance to learn from them.

The day’s activities will also include home movie bingo, door prizes and snacks.

“Lastly, do not feel that you must have your own film in order to attend. People are more than welcome to simply come and enjoy other people’s home movies,” the spokesman said.

The Blowing Rock Art and History Museum is located at 159 Chestnut St., Blowing Rock.

Home Movie Day of the High Country is from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on March 19. Admission will be free of charge, although donations are welcome.

For more information visit or call (828) 295-9099.

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