Around Watauga County this summer, one might see a kid with long hair washing windows for local businesses such as Be Natural Market, Clean Eats, Due South Outfitters, Hatchet Coffee and many more.

That kid, 16-year-old Rowen Todd, is the one-man show of Mountain Vista Window Washing and has grown his client list.

“I now have 15 commercial accounts and several more houses,” Todd said.

Todd has been washing windows now with his own business for three years, originally going under the name Ro’s Windows. Now as Mountain Vista Window Washing, Todd is seeking to stay busy during the summer.

Prior to starting his own business, Todd found it frustrating finding a job due to his age and lack of experience. Window washing was something he could be successful at while being flexible with his hours.

“It was something I could do on the weekends,” Todd said.

Practice has made perfect for Todd as he has become efficient at cleaning windows and has developed a reputation for his hard work.

“The whole community has been amazing,” Todd said. “It’s awesome to have this support.

While window washing, Todd says he always gets a number of questions, plus inquiries from people asking if he could clean the windows of their house.

Todd’s work has been recognized in 2019, first being nominated for the Rising Star award at the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce’s “4 Under 40” awards ceremony. While Todd didn’t win, he got to take part in the awards ceremony on April 10 at Harvest House of Boone.

“That was quite special to me,” Todd said. “There were so many amazing successful business owners there.”

Todd said that he was appreciative that his principal Chris Blanton and assistant principal Tierra Stark were in attendance, along with with entrepreneurship class teacher Stephanie Ogle.

“I got an educational release (from school) to go to 4 Under 40,” Todd said.

Along with his teachers and close friends, Todd’s family and close friends have been there with him.

“My family has been super huge throughout the growing process,” Todd said.

Mountain Vista Window Washing is also now a number of the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce. In the coming weeks, Todd said he’ll have t-shirts and car stickers and decals advertising his business.

A rising junior at Watauga High School, Todd hopes to get someone else of his age along side him working to expand his workload and add other exterior cleaning services, such as gutter cleaning.

“I’m putting away money for a college fund,” Todd said. “I hope to go to Appalachian State University and pay my way through with window washing.”

For more information on Mountain Vista Window Washing, contact Todd at

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