Southern Provisions Catering Co.

Southern Provisions Catering Co. launches to serve the High Country.

WEST JEFFERSON — Southern Provisions Catering Co., a new catering business currently based at the High Country Commercial Kitchen at Family Central in Jefferson, is available for any event in the High Country in need of food service.

Ryan Phillips and his wife, Marti, prepared to launch their new business in January, but due to COVID-19 they decided not to pursue it right away.

In June, they completed their first catering event. So far they have catered rehearsals, business caterings such as luncheons. According to Phillips, most of their business is wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners.

“I would like people to know that we are available for anniversaries, retirement parties, grand openings for new businesses,” Phillips said.

Phillips attended the College of Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte and has been involved in food service his entire life. He has worked at different resorts, worked as a corporate chef and knows his way around the food service industry.

“It is my passion, it is what I enjoy,” Phillips said. “When you’re able to serve a meal to somebody and put a smile on their face because of the meal you serve, then you hear from them about how delicious that was and they they are so grateful for it, it just makes your day. I think that is my passion behind my cooking is just to hear the comments and the overall enjoyment of the meal.”

One reason they decided to pursue their own catering business was to enable more creativity and flexibility in the products they offer, which may not be possible while working in other settings in the food industry.

According to Phillips, the idea for this niche business venture was inspired by the abundance of wedding venues in the area coupled with the lack of catering services aside from those offered by local restaurants.

All of their menus are custom-built to each client. They can also accommodate dietary restrictions based on individual needs.

Southern Provisions Catering Co. is licensed and insured, with all necessary permits from the county and is ServSafe certified.

For more information call (828) 372-2131 or visit the website at or Facebook page @SouthernProvisionsCatering.

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