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Pictured from left are Brett Taubman, director of ASU Fermentation Sciences, and Andrew Mason, owner and director of brewery operations at Lost Province Brewing Co.

BOONE — Lost Province Brewing Company, located in downtown Boone, is excited to announce that they’ve teamed up with Appalachian State University. One dollar from every single pint of Bless Your Heart Blonde Ale sold at the bar will be donated to The Kathy Crutchfield Memorial Fund, to be awarded to the university in support of the fermentation sciences program. Lost Province’s goal is to grow and nurture this memorial fund for many years to come.

In the future, students in the fermentation sciences program will be coming to Lost Province to help brew Bless Your Heart Blonde Ale, from which a portion of proceeds will be donated.

Kathy Crutchfield passed away in September 2019, and her bright spirit and lively energy are missed dearly by the Watauga community. Among many things, Crutchfield played an integral role in the creation of High Country Beer Fest, which occurs annually in late August and benefits the fermentation sciences program.

“She wrangled a rowdy group of brewers, beer geeks and community members together to plan this festival year, after year, after year,” said Lost Province co-owner Andy Mason. “And in the early days, she was the only woman on board, too. She practically mother-henned us, and to this day we are so thankful for her and the perspective that she brought to the project. It wouldn’t have been the same without her.”

Pictured left to right: Dr Brett Taubman, Director of ASU Fermentation Sciences & Dr. Andrew Mason, Owner & Director of Brewery Operations at Lost Province Brewing Co.

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