Soon-to-be Lost Province

Still a work in progress, the future location of Lost Province’s second site will house a higher capacity brewing operation.

Lost Province Brewing Company will have a second location in a few months time, but it will not be a carbon copy of their current restaurant in downtown Boone.

Located at 289 Daniel Boone Drive in Boone, the location aims to be different from the restaurant on North Depot Street, according to owners Andy and Lynne Mason. The plan is to expand the brewing scope by a wide margin, with huge tanks filling up most of the space and opening the door for a 4,000 barrel brewing capacity.

However, the new location — originally announced in 2019 — was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic after the Masons received a special use permit from the town of Boone for a new brewery.

“That was the first hurdle, so to speak, we did it in August of 2019 and we were moving along last year until COVID-19 hit and that caused everything to come to a stand-still,” Lynne Mason said. “Fortunately, we had a good recovery downtown that allowed us to resume our efforts here.”

The Masons are targeting May 1 to open the Daniel Boone Drive location. There will be a taproom with limited seating, but the emphasis will be more on the beer with a large amount of space going toward high-capacity tanks. Andy Mason said they want to have food trucks stop by to add more of a food option for patrons, but the beer will be the star of the show.

“I’m really excited about it; I think about what we’ll be capable of doing here and I’m really thrilled about doing it,” Andy Mason said.

Lynne Mason said that after they were able to reopen the restaurant after COVID-19 restrictions eased, they recovered well but a new problem arose.

“The brewery side took off, especially with canned products,” Lynne Mason said. “We can’t keep up with demand now.”

Andy Mason added that keeping up with the needs of the restaurant also stretched them to their limits.

When the new location opens, it will not only allow the brewery to keep up with demand, but will allow them to go even further. Andy Mason said the plan is to expand the reach of Lost Province’s beer down the mountain and into new areas.

“The restaurant is the restaurant, we can’t expand the footprint there,” Andy Mason said. “Clearly growth for the company is outside of those four walls, and this facility allows us to do that.”

The plan is to start producing beer in the facility by July 1, with a smaller pilot brewing system starting up on day one, and then have product by August.

“(The pilot system) will allow us to innovative beers and some of the other fun things,” Lynne Mason said, adding that the small-batch, specialty beers will be an exclusive of the new location.

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Cool place but prices are outrageous

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