J&J's Hawaiian Ice

Vianna Saufley, Jeremiah Smith and Vanessa Saufley run J&J’s Hawaiian Ice on King Street.

As the spring season approaches and the temperature gets warmer, the time was right for J&J’s Hawaiian Ice to set up shop on King Street.

The business, which previously operated as a food truck, was founded by Jeremiah Smith as a way to spend more time with his family. Smith and wife Jackie represent the two “Js” in the namesake.

The decision to do Hawaiian ice came as the Smiths wanted something that wasn’t being offered around Boone at the time.

“When I was a kid, my parents used to take us after basketball games to get a Hawaiian ice,” Smith said. “I grew up around Gettysburg, Pa., and when we came down here we wanted something different. Ice cream’s good, I love ice cream, but on a hot day it can feel a little heavy. Hawaiian ice is a bit more refreshing and lighter.”

Not only did he find the experience he was looking for, the entire family is still involved, but since then the business has grown exponentially.

Located at 718 West King St. — next to Speakeasy Tattoo Company — the small shop is on the second floor of an old building, with the space having sat dormant for years. Smith said it took a little more than a month to get the shop set up and ready for customers.

Now that it is all done, all that’s left is to make people happy, according to Smith’s step-daughter Vanessa Saufley.

“That’s what it’s all about,” said Saufley, who helps run the shop. “We just want to make people happy, and I think Hawaiian ice makes people happy. It’s just shaving some ice, putting flavor on it and making people’s day.”

For more information about J&J’s Hawaiian Ice, visit the business’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/hawaiianiceboonenc or their Instagram @jjhawaiianice.

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