Byron Hicks

Byron Hicks is the new assistant vice chancellor and state director of the Small Business and Technology Development Center.

RALEIGH — Byron Hicks has been named the new assistant vice chancellor and state director of the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC).

The SBTDC is a business and technology extension program of the University of North Carolina system, administered statewide by the Office of External Affairs, Partnerships and Economic Development at North Carolina State University. Hicks assumed his new role on Jan. 2.

Hicks joined the organization in 2011 as a general business counselor in the SBTDC’s Boone/Hickory Regional Center at Appalachian State University. In 2014, he became the regional center director for the Boone and Hickory offices. Hicks assumed his role as deputy state director of the SBTDC in 2018.

In his new role, Hicks will handle overall program management for the SBTDC, the Procurement Technical Assistance Center and other programs. He will help to support and monitor the operations of the SBTDC’s 16 regional offices across North Carolina. Additionally, he will work with key stakeholders in the university, governmental, economic development and business communities to expand the presence of the SBTDC across the state.

Hicks brings over 30 years of experience in business, including commercial lending with major regional banks, management of a family business as well as purchasing and managing a multi-million-dollar grading and utility contractor in Winston-Salem. He is an alumnus of Elon University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in economics.

Hicks succeeds Scott Daugherty as state director of the SBTDC. Daugherty served in the role since 1984 and retired in early January. “I’m delighted with the outcome of the candidate selection process. Byron is well qualified and prepared to assume this role,” Daugherty said.

“We’re very pleased to have someone with so much valuable experience, both external and internal to the SBTDC, take over the leadership of this critical organization,” said Kevin Howell, NC State University vice chancellor for external affairs, partnerships and economic development. “I look forward to working with Byron in his new role for the continued benefit of small and mid-sized businesses throughout North Carolina.”

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