What’s Your Favorite New Show of the Fall TV Season? (POLL)
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The fall TV season is in full swing as several fan-favorites and newbies take over your screens, but what titles are standing out the most?

Whether comedies like Ghosts or dramas like Ordinary Joe and NCIS: Hawai’i are your thing, there’s something for everyone this season. NBC’s La Brea has pulled viewers in with its compelling sinkhole plotline that has transported some characters back in time beneath California’s surface.

La Brea Natalie Zea and Jack Martin

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And on the sappier side of things, Ordinary Joe fills the void that This Is Us has left behind as viewers follow the titular character played by James Wolk on three parallel timelines exploring different directions his life could take after college.

Meanwhile, CBS brings in franchise fans with spinoffs like FBI: International and NCIS: Hawai’i, as well as the revival series CSI: Vegas which brought back the network’s former hit and many of its original stars for new cases. The network’s comedy, Ghosts may be based on a British series of the same name, but its week-after-week shenanigans featuring a living couple and their ghost-infested home is utterly hilarious.

Fall's New Shows: Which Ones Could Be Renewed? Which Have Us Worried?See Also

Fall's New Shows: Which Ones Could Be Renewed? Which Have Us Worried?

Two have already been picked up for full seasons, but which shows may be at risk of being canceled?

Fox is making waves with Lee Daniels’ latest soapy drama Our Kind of People and The Big Leap which sees various everyday individuals who sign up to take part in a reality competition to be cast in a modern version of Swan Lake.

As for ABC, The Wonder Years reboot brings heart and humor to the screen for a half-hour each week and Queens brings the drama as a former girl group attempts to find their footing as they reunite. And The CW is getting nostalgic with reboots of old favorites like Legends of the Hidden Temple and The 4400.

So, what’s your new favorite this fall TV season? Let us know in the reader poll, below, and sound off in the comments section.

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