‘Manhunt: The Night Stalker’: DCI Colin Sutton ‘Is Fighting Fire on All Fronts’

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Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton (Martin Clunes) takes on the case of U.K. rapist the Night Stalker in Season 2 of the fact-based mystery, Manhunt: The Night Stalker, leading to “a gladiatorial showdown between good and evil,” says executive producer Ed Whitmore.

But first, the sleuth has to win over the team that’s been investigating the elusive criminal — who preys on older women — for 17 years. “Colin is coming in with fresh eyes, and that creates a different kind of tension,” Whitmore continues.

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'Manhunt's Martin Clunes Spills on Playing Real-Life Detective Colin Sutton

The beloved actor also teases the Season 9 return of 'Doc Martin.'

His perspective comes in handy, since common procedures, like DNA tracing, have led to dead ends. “Colin realizes that to capture this extraordinary criminal he needs an extraordinary plan. He needs to mount the biggest surveillance operation ever seen in London,” says Whitmore.

Convincing his own colleagues to buy into the expensive and exhaustive mission is a battle all its own. Says Whitmore, “Colin is fighting fire on all fronts.”

Manhunt: The Night Stalker, Season Premiere,  Monday, October 18, Acorn TV

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