Katie Price has given away dog after less than a year
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Katie Price has given away her French bulldog, less than a year after getting him.

The former glamour model, 40, had received the pooch as a six-month anniversary from fiance Carl Woods, 32, but The Sun reports that Precious now has a new owner and had posted pictures on Instagram.

The new owner uploaded pictures on social media, which were captioned: "One week of fatherhood, you’ve changed the game, you smelly, snoring, dobby-eared, adorable little pig. I thought about changing your name, but now it makes total sense. Welcome to London, Precious."

It is thought that Katie gave the pooch to a crew member working on a reality show about the renovation of her mansion.

When asked by a follower if the dog was his, the owner confirmed it was, writing: "She is!"

Katie previously described how Precious was like a "new baby" for her and Carl.

She said: "She's a French bulldog called Precious - Princess came up with the name.

"It's my six-month anniversary present from Carl. We might not have a baby, but this is our new baby together."

Precious was a replacement for the previous family dog Rolo, who belonged to Katie's daughter Princess, 14.

Rolo had reportedly died when he suffocated in an armchair.

Addressing the backlash she got after Rolo's death, Katie said in a YouTube video: "It's a bit doom and gloom, I feel we have to do this because me and Princess are getting a lot of stick and I don't understand why.

"At the end of the day, Princess' dog Rolo tragically died and we're absolutely devastated."

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