Jamie Foxx admits to living with 'regrets'
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Jamie Foxx thinks all loving parents have "regrets".

The award-winning star - who has Corinne, 27, with Connie Kline and Annalise, 12, with Kristin Grannis - admits he's learned some important life lessons through his kids.

He explained: "You always live with regrets. But those regrets should teach you how to - OK, let's not make that mistake again.

"My oldest daughter is the best because she allowed me to make the mistakes - right? - and didn't hold all the mistakes against me so that when my younger daughter came along, she says, 'dad, remember what you did with me? Don't do that with her'. So she's great in that sense.

"And then you're thinking, OK, well, she gave me the cheat sheet. But then your youngest daughter comes along with a whole different test. So you're going to have regrets, man. And if you don't feel like you have regrets, I say, like, if you care and love your kids, you're going to have regrets."

Despite this, Jamie is determined to have fun and enjoy spending time with his kids.

He told NPR: "Have fun. That's the one thing that we always do. We always have fun. No matter what the situation is, we attack it full on, but we have fun right after whatever it is."

Meanwhile, Jamie recently insisted he isn't interested in getting married.

The 53-year-old actor admitted that the "cookie cutter" lifestyle has never appealed to him.

He explained: "The 2.5 children, the wood panelling on the station wagon and the cottage, I didn't think that was for me."

Jamie isn't keen on the "pressure" to get married, either.

The Hollywood star said: "The pressure of being married, I don't think we can have a conversation about it. I just keep moving."

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