My New School Day Essay Contest

Mountain Times Publications invited area students to submit essays about how their school days have changed in spring 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and remote learning.

Contest prizes were sponsored by McDonald's, Recess, Boone Drugs Inc., Dragon's Den, Blue Ridge Energy and Mountain Times.

Hallie Johnson, Cranberry Middle School, Mrs. Dunn, 6th Grade

“Ahhhhhh what a wonderful morning, time to go do homework.” As I walk to my workspace ( Couch ) I see my brother watching T.V. in his pikachu underwear, half asleep. I start my day off with reading for thirty minutes. Then I check all of my teachers Haiku pages and see what school work I need to do first. By now it is about 9:00 a.m. so I go and make my brother and I a bagel because both of my parents are at work.

After I finish my bagel, I start my math weekly. We are assigned fifteen problems a day and it takes me about ten to fifteen minutes to finish that. Then I start doing my reading, I like to spread this out during the week and do a little bit each day. I like to finish my science weekly in one day so it is over with. My dad also assigns me homework. You are probably thinking “school work” but it’s actually basketball homework. I have to dribble with a basketball for fifteen minutes each day. I would have never expected that a thing like this would happen, and that my new school routine isn’t even at school.

Carter Peterson, Cranberry Middle School, Mrs. Tuft, 8th grade

If we’re being honest my new school day just isn’t the same. I try to make it as normal as possible, but looking at people’s faces on my computer is not the same as seeing them in person. I wake up at 8 o’clock everyday and start my school day by 9. Usually my school day will last 3 hours at most. Sometimes I actually really enjoy working at home because it gives me the opportunity to do other things that I wouldn’t normally do. Other days I really miss my friends and teachers. Although, I would say there are just as many good things about staying home as there are bad things.

I think the most important thing for us to do during this time is to find joy in the little things. Most days when it’s sunny outside I put up my hammock and enjoy looking at my beautiful view of Grandfather Mountain. I never used to have time for things like that before quarantine. Spending more time with my family has really been a blessing too. I’m usually so busy with homework and sports that I don’t get very much time to relax. This whole quarantine thing has been a great way for me to reorganize and slow down a little bit. I am enjoying most of it, except for the fact that I can’t see any of my friends. Nobody could expect the school day to be the same, because the world is always changing and throwing us on new paths.

Cheyenne Millsaps, Bethel School, Mrs. Dunnagan, 6th Grade

Hello, my name is Cheyenne Millsaps, I have gone to Bethel Elementary School my whole life and I have never seen anything like the Coronavirus. When I first heard a little talk about this virus I had no idea how serious the effect would be. When the governor closed schools for two weeks I just couldn’t believe what I had heard and now here we are almost a month and a half into remote learning, and we learned this week we won’t be going back to school this school year. I can’t say online school has been a piece of cake. Without my teacher’s in-person, online guidance I feel like sometimes the work is more challenging than when I’m in the classroom. I am also missing student and teacher interaction. I miss seeing all of my teachers and friends every day. I know we can video chat and talk but it’s not the same as seeing and talking to them in person.

Everyone in the world is having to adapt to these changes in many different ways. This is our new normal. It’s hard because everything is so uncertain right now. Sometimes before I start my remote learning I get discouraged because I can’t be in school or I’m tired of being in the same room every day. My new school day has taught me to notice the smallest things such as listening to the birds singing a beautiful song, watching the sunrise, and not being in a huge rush has been very nice. Some people probably never thought they would be using their living room as a gym, or their kitchen table as an office/school desk. I never would have thought that I would be starting a school day by video chatting with my teacher in her living room. I used to put up a fight before I went to school, I would dislike getting up early and make up any excuse to be slower getting ready. I would love to get that feeling back to just put clothes on and know I’m actually going somewhere. This is past our control. We need to trust the Lord and pray that things will get better. The world feels like a completely different place. One thing that I have learned from this is the things that we all take for granted like going to church, eating inside restaurants, going to school, and playing sports are some things we miss right now and wish we could have back. Maybe people will learn the lesson to appreciate the small things in life.

Tryton Hughes, Cranberry Middle School, Mrs. Dunn, 6th Grade

My new school day since being released from school due to COVID-19 has been a little different. When I was in school I would be up around 6:30a, and now I can’t seem to get up at that time anymore. I miss being at school with my friends and getting to see my teachers but on the other hand I am very grateful my state decided to let school out to make it safe for all of the students, faculty, and staff. I would also love to be able to go to the park with my niece and play with her but we can’t due to the restrictions so we just go outside in the yard. I can’t help but laugh at her because she is such a ball of happiness and is always ready to run or go somewhere. Being at home really kind of stinks but is also a good thing. I can’t wait to start back to school so I can live a normal life again. In 15-20 years I want to be able to look back and tell my kids about being let out of school because of a respiratory virus and everyone went crazy and bought up all the toilet paper. I will tell them that at the beginning of the virus, you couldn’t find toilet paper, meat, milk, eggs, or even any bread. People acted like we were going to have a blizzard and they were going to be stuck at home fora very long time and not be able to get out.

Since Covid-19 has came into our country and state people have started to see the work of God. I believe this was Gods way of bringing his people back to him and showing them that if they put their trust into him everything will be just fine. I hope everyone can understand that they need to go to God not just to ask him for things but to also thank him for all the things he has done. I am so grateful for everything I have I hope everyone is grateful for what they have too. The main thing I am excited for after quarantine is to go back to church. I am also very excited to start back to school and see all my friends which nobody in my age group would say. I hope everyone who gets this virus will have a fast recovery and I hope everyone stays safe during these troubled times.

Kara Brooks, Cove Creek School, 8th Grade

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations” (Charlies R. Swindoll). Before this catastrophe struck, none of us knew what was coming. When schools first closed, I hated it; no more sports, no seeing friends and, most of all, no normal. We have all had to learn a new “Normal” and I've learned to love mine. During the stay-at-home order, I have been presented with so many new and amazing opportunities. I've gotten so much insight on what life is like out of school.

Over the past few weeks I have gone to work with my dad, my mom, my grandpa, and helped my uncle on the farm. I even got chickens! My dad is a plumber and one of the owners of our family's business. I went with him and my grandpa to the job sites. I have been able to see how to work machinery, and see how amazing it feels to work for something. I have also helped my mom in the office of our family business. She has shown me so much on how to speak to people and do all different kinda of bookwork. One of the best days I've had though was wen I helped my uncle with his cattle. We vaccinated cattle and calves, which was something I had never done but after I learned how to do it, it was so fun. I was so busy with school and sports before this that if this wouldn't have happened, I would never have been blessed with all of these wonderful experiences. In all, I am so thankful to have my amazing family through all of this mess and this time has helped me to realize how lucky I really am.

Sebastian Afanador, Hardin Park, Ms. Peterson, 8th Grade

As Charles Dickens once said, "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times." I think the same applies to remote learning. During the first week of remote learning, I was very excited about getting to work at my own pace as well as working one room away from the kitchen, but as time has passed, virtual school has grown boring and the assignments mundane. Our teachers have set up a system where they put assignments on a Google Doc and every day we look at the Google Doc and do all of the assignments listed. Then there are the unknowns of video class calls. I'd say the "science" behind video calls is probably more confusing than the theory of relativity. And I definitely don't understand the theory of relativity. As an eighth-grader, this entire situation brings a lot of changes. For example, we now don't get the same graduation ceremony from middle school and our last year at school is spent online without seeing anyone. Working at home is pretty distracting, from our dog to the trampoline. You have to put yourself in a mindset in which you motivate yourself to work and finish all your work. In conclusion, working at home has definitely been the best of times and the worst of times.

Sylvia Afanador, Hardin Park, Ms. Smith, 6th Grade

I wake up. Another wearisome day of remote learning lies ahead. Soon, I will be situated around my computer, taking in the infinite emails and text messages. Okay, there aren’t infinite emails, but there sure are a lot in my inbox by the end of the day! I finish school around 1:00, which gives me too much time to do nothing at all.

Though supremely bored, I have found things to do by creating things to do. Like going on my trampoline, going hiking, and most importantly finding my dog when she ran away. That’s right, a few weeks ago she ran away! I was very miserable but still determined to find her. And eventually, some people gave us a call and we picked her up. Only three more weeks - then summer break!

Adali Smith, Green Valley Elementary, Ms. Gilmore, 6th Grade

Over the past few weeks me, my family and the community have gone through immense changes and unyielding times but through all the hardship and breakdowns I try my best to be upbeat and cheerful. I have learned so much whether that be more about myself or a new skill, I learn more and more about my family everyday. I learn how provoking my cats are and just how pesky my sister can be. I have also become more aware of my surroundings and I have learned just how much I miss school. Online school has worked great but it comes with its drawbacks like the fact I don’t get to see my friends everyday and the fact that I don’t get to go around during lunch or see my teachers but other things like having to run the mile and waking up at six in the morning and doing tests aren’t so fun and I have to admit that I don’t miss those.

The hardest thing that I have had to deal with over these past few weeks is adapting to doing my work from home. At first I felt excited and thrilled to work on online school and to work from the comfort of my bed. I figured I could sleep all day and stay up all night with not a care in the world. The first few days went great. I felt relieved and happy. I started going to sleep later and later and waking up at twelve and eleven my sleep schedule was wack! Then the school work started, see for the first week we didn’t have any school work we had a chance to just get used to being stuck in our houses. That week flew by then the work started to flood in. At first I felt delighted to get my school work. I couldn’t wait. I thought it was gonna be easy and fun but, boy was I wrong. I started falling far behind. I push all my work off till the very last minute. It is hard at some points, sometimes I want to give in and just fail. I want to see my friends. I want to go back to school and I want to leave my house. At times it feels like quarantine would last forever and life as I know it is over and I can’t help thinking these thoughts sometimes, but i know everyone is stuck in side and most people are going through the same thing I am and I know some people have it way worse than me and although it takes time to adjust to online school I think it’s for the best in the long run. I can’t wait to see my friends again. I think this is a huge learning opportunity plus we’re living history and that’s kinda cool. I know everyone is going through the same thing I am and we will all get through this together plus I have amazing parents, great teachers, fun friends and playful cats to help me get through this hard time.

Raffael Vazquez, Hardin Park, Ms Stapleton, 8th Grade

I believe it’s safe to assume that every student in North Carolina remembers where they were on March 14th, when it was announced that Governor Cooper was issuing a school closure for two weeks. I was at home, sitting on the couch reading, when my mom told me the news. It was an emotional moment: First, because there was going to be no more school (I am still a kid). Second, because... Because... Uh... Wait a minute. I still had a long list of pending and exciting things to do in school! The yearbook wasn’t finished. How were we going to take more pictures? The planned Wilmington trip... My 8th grade graduation... I soothed my thoughts and emotions thinking “It’ll probably only be two weeks.”

The transition from having face to face classes, and then making the jump to remote learning, was quirky in the beginning. To do all my school work at home, and on a computer, was something I perceived as unnatural. Back in the school building, all my work was being done with a pencil in my hand, and a sheet of paper in front of me. I was accustomed to a teacher being at the front of the class, giving a lecture on a new topic every day, and having classmates all around me who would be talking, discussing, or laughing. Being in school, engaging in talks, and participating in a class, helped me feel part of the community. Over time, the assurance I had while holding a pencil and seeing a sheet of paper was gone. I now know there is more than one way to learn. I could read a book and it would be the same as reading an article online on the same subject. I can do a project by hand with colored pencils, or I can do the project on the computer. I can sit in a classroom to be taught, or I can watch a video on the topic and gain the same knowledge. The only thing that I can’t do more than one way is socializing at school, despite that all the conversations I’ve had with my teachers and all the times I have watched the faces of my classmates through the screen, has been motivational and productive. Online chats may permit the class to all be together in the same place, yet I still feel them distant. There is no substitute for socializing in a school building. In the end, I feel that no matter where I am, I am always going to belong to the community, and to me, that is comforting to know.

Iyla Freed, Green Valley Elementary, Ms. Gilmore, 6th Grade

“IYYYYLLLLLLLLLLLLLL- LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.” That’s usually how I would wake up. Eat breakfast, go to school, come home, and do homework. I never thought I would miss that. I was at my best friend’s house when we got the message to stay home, and to think we all thought it was going to be great-see each other every day! No that’s not what happened at all! As I’m writing this I’m in my bed getting ready to go do nothing all day. Once all my school work is done I will go outside and play in the creek. My school work is very boring now that we are at home.

Go to this website, do this and that. It’s like my piano-1 have to cover all the music myself. We get to babysit some chickens for our neighbors and that’s fun but it’s still not like seeing my friends. I always thought it would be so cool to Jive history but it’s not fun at all. I have two younger brothers and they get on my nerves so I came up with the perfect way to get my anger out-a punching bag! My mom didn’t like the idea so much. I would give anything to be able to go to school. The best way I can describe the way I feel is trapped. It’s like a constant longing for the freedom that all my life I have learned I have. Now I can get up whenever I want.

Carleigh Griffin, Mounain View Elementary, Mrs. Greer, 5th Grade

It’s been pretty good lately being homeschooled but I do miss my friends. And the worst thing is we have very little toilet paper! We were at home and went fishing at our lake and I caught more fish than my mom. We also went for a walk and discovered a little water fall by our house. For the first time my mom's boyfriend took me on a motorcycle ride! I have to do all my homework by pencil and paper since we had no internet.

A few days ago we went to the Creek. We made it to the other side of the creek with our clothing on! And it was pretty easy. But then I fell and got all wet. When we made it to the other side we walked around a bit. It took us five minutes to figure out we were walking in poison ivy barefoot the whole time. When we got home I got some homework done and played some video games. And tomorrow we're going to where I used to live and see some of our family for mothers day and surprise my grandma.

Drew Tashner, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

While I have been in quarantine for the past two months, I have helped my mom around the house. We cleaned the carpet; eliminating 25 years of junk from our basement. I have also been cooking for my family, developing a form of responsibility for my family. One day I built a scratching post for my cat. Until the state parks were shut down, I went fishing. Additionally, I have been keeping up with my school work.

I usually wake up around 11:45am, eat breakfast and talk to my mom and dad. Then I sit down at my desk and begin my school work around 12:45pm. I eat two meals a day with a couple of snacks here and there. I space my work out by doing a subject and then ride my bike or stand up and just stretching or walking around the house. About 6pm, I finish my school work. I finish that late because I am a big procrastinator. I prefer to do my work in person rather than online as we have been doing. On the other hand, I have learned more things about my self each day. For instance, I like to do my work in complete silence so I wear noise canceling headphones. I prefer to do my work at night but my parents would rather me do it in the afternoon. I did take time to visit my Paw Paw and that’s when I got to go fishing again in his pond. Even though this virus has been effecting everyone I have still tried to keep myself happy at all times.

Charity Barnard, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

“ I tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition, yawn and stretch and try to come to life, jump in the shower and the blood starts pumpin’, out on the street the traffic starts jumpin’, with folks like me on the job from 9 to 5.” My life is like the song 9 to 5 by Dolly Pardon because I usually wakeup at close to 9 and I go to the kitchen to get some breakfast. I do take showers in the morning and I get the food that the buses bring us. I usually eat close to 12:00 - 12:30 and I get started on my homework close to 11:00 and if I have a little work to do it usually takes me about an hour and if I have a lot of homework it usually takes me 2 hours.

If my work is weekly and not daily I usually wait till Wednesday to do it but if it is daily I do it that day. For exercise I walk down to a community center everyday that its pretty outside and I usually play basketball for like an hour and a half and I walk back up. I do not do hours from 8-3:15 because I focus better if I am fully awake and I am not awake a 6 am every morning to go to school. I usually do hours form 11-2:30 maybe, that’s how this week has been. Thank you for the work you are putting into helping us learn for home.

James Anderson. Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

My new school schedule has changed a lot since we have started doing all of our school work from home now. I usually wake up at seven but sometimes I wake up at nine. I normally don’t eat breakfast in the mornings but when I do it is usually around ten. When I eat lunch it usually depends on how much work I have done for the day if I have about three classes done I eat around twelve but if I don’t have three classes done I work until I get those done. I start my work everyday about 10 and I get finished with it around 3 everyday and sometimes I finish early before twelve if I work fast.

I do my work for each class the day that it is given but if it is like a project that last at least a week I wait one or two days before I start to give me time to think about what I want to do for it. For encore related I still do p.e. by going outside almost every day unless it is raining I go outside and get on the trampoline or I play basketball. For other encore stuff I don’t do that much related to it but I do do some crafty stuff about ever three days. My schoolings looks different from the usual time form eight to three fifteen. Around eight when school used to start I am still watching YouTube in my room. My schooling dose end around the same time at three each day.

Miya, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

It’s been very odd to have classes online, but it’s been less tedious while doing homework and attending zoom classes. I have had trouble understanding new subjects. Soon I realized that most of it, was self-explanatory with the teacher notes. With having twenty four hours to turn in my work, I can take my time and not try to finish before the class ends. While doing my work I try to space it out and do half of my work in the morning and the rest in the afternoon.

With staying home all day, I have tried different stuff that I didn’t get the time to do while I had school. I’ve started to paint more, and even try to learn how to ride a bike, it’s taking a while! Something else that is positive is that i’m getting closer with my family, baked for them and more. On the negative side, I’ve felt melancholy, without my friends, we still text and call but, it’s not the same, as having interactive experiences with them. My new school days have been, interesting to say the most.

Tiffany Zhao, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

My new school day is a lot different from a regular school day at school. The biggest difference from a regular school day is that I get to stay at home instead of going to school to learn of course. Since I can’t go to school I don’t need to wake up early so I’ve been sleeping in and it feels good not to wake ups so early anymore.I don’t have a particular schedule to follow I just do subject I am in the mood for first. And I usually tried to do all the subjects in one day. I usually start doing my school work after breakfast and it takes me about the whole day or half the day to do my school work because I keep getting distracted and I take breaks from doing school work. Even though it takes me along time to do my school work, I feel like I get my school work done better at home because I can do my school work at anytime of the day. After I finish my homework I would watch TV or hang out with my siblings. One thing that is hard about not being in school is that when I’m doing my work and I don’t understand how to do my work than I don’t have a teacher to help me with my work face to face. Another thing that is hard about not being at school is that I don’t get to see my friends and talk to them. I hope that this is over soon so I can see my friends.

Connor Berry, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

Since normal school schedules don’t exactly apply anymore I stay up at night to get over my fear/phobia of killers and I normally sleep at 9 am and wake up at 7 pm (unless there’s a zoom meeting.) I eat when I wake up because its about 1 hour past dinner and I normally do work a little past midnight unless I’m feeling down or furious. I space out subjects meaning I do Mondays work and Tuesdays work on Tuesdays most of the time and I don’t do encore work because its mainly boring at home. Nothing else is really going down at home except a bizarre sleep schedule and some new friendly group chats on instagram.

Cain Hart, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

I wake up at 8:30 every morning. I take my dog out then I eat breakfast and brush my teeth. I usually eat breakfast at around 8:45. I start school at 9:00 and get breaks through the day like encore. I get a break at 12:00 and eat lunch. My break goes on until 1:30 and end school at 3:30. I do all of my work for that day. When I get a break I go outside and play soccer and jump on my trampoline. Sometimes when me and my brothers go outside we play football and someone usually gets hurt.

Caitlin Pittman, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

I wake up at 8:30 every morning and roll out of bed. I usually skip breakfast, but if I don’t, I just grab some Chex cereal. Never anything fancy like eggs. I start schoolwork at around 9 and have to work until one. If I finish early, I either read or write. I usually write though. (page 60, yay!) It’s just nice to not be looking at my computer screen.

I don’t do much related to an encore, but I make sure to go outside regularly after the “school day” is over. Hiking, biking, and playing with my dog buttercup have become my go to things to do. But playing with buttercup usually gets my hand bitten. It’s not quite a normal day, but it works for me!

Landon Harmon, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

In the covid-19 break I have got to do a whole bunch of nothing. Ill bet you soon they’ll make a movie how I survived covid-19. Ill tell you my daily schedule. I hope everyone enjoys and done judge hehe.

First things first I wake up from 9:30 to 11:30. Then I do my homework, first and second I do science and social studies then I do ela than math about every other day. After I do my first two I usually eat breakfast or lunch depending on what time I wake up. Than I go out side and play basketball and run about a mile a day sometimes a mile and half. That my new school day.

Lilli Starkey, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

I must admit “my new school day” is not at all “normal” compared to my school day actually spent at school. To be honest I don’t have any structure to my day. However I do make my schoolwork a priority. I normally stay up way too late or maybe even go to bed too early if you consider 2am early in the morning. I generally sleep until around 11-12 in the morning. And as soon as I wake up I have to eat, it normally takes around a hour to get fully awake. After that it is then time to start my school work. I usually do my week’s work in about two long sessions rather than doing a little each day, I prefer to get it over as soon as possible.

The time that I do not spend sleeping, working on my school work, and watching Netflix or TikTok, I have been working on my cooking skills and baby sitting. I consider this to be similar to a home economics class to take place of my encore. To sum it up I pretty much go with the flow day by day, with my school work being very high on the list of priorities.

Addison Johnson, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

Every morning I wake up about 8:30. After waking up I usually eat a pop tart. I start out with my social studies which takes about 30 minutes. Then I do my math work which takes from 30 to 45 minutes depending on what I’m doing. Then I do my E.L.A work and science work which all together takes about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.

It takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes to finish so its about 11:15 before I’m done. After that I watch some tv until about 12:00 then I eat lunch. If it’s warm I will go outside and stay there for about an hour or so. Then I come in and read in the time that I have been at home I was able to finish the whole Percy Jackson series.

Silas Buchanan, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

I wake up around 9 usually and usually go down to work on school work. It usually takes me 20 minutes to do each block(10 minutes if it was science) then take a 15 minute break after finishing each block and finish my work around 11-3. I usually have lunch around 11-1 and either have Subway or what they serve at the Newland Elementary School drive thru. I sometimes do Band when Mr. Mitchell uploads a video or Eli does some practicing but for the most part I’ve been slacking. Thank You for reading my essay.

Eli Buchanan, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

I wake up at around 9 am. I get up and either go out on chores with my Mom or do my school work. The work tends to last around 3 hours from about 9 to around 12. From time to time I practice on my baritone.

When I go with my Mom we usually drive around and do shopping. Sometimes we will go to Walmart. Most times we go to Ingles. We stop and get lunch. We mainly just do errands. That’s My New School Day.

Emerson Francisco, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

To begin how my typical average day for this Digital Learning experience is that I have a very bizarre sleep schedule, without the looming constant pressure of waking up at 6:45AM I either wake up at 6:30-10:00 AM. Another thing about this new way of learning is that I have anytime to do my homework which really depends on my bland mood. Without encore and special classes, to fill that gap of time that I could be doing those classes is what I do best with my free time, browser the internet, try to learn something new, and read, along with a 1 hour exercise session (Though I might not do that everyday).

How I feel about the situation is that I want at the very least help, even if it’s the smallest I can do. Me and Family spend a lot either in our cold kitchen and our barely lit bedrooms since that’s really where we can go to do anything here at Home, which my siblings often complain about there being nothing to do but wait out the days. I do miss the time School would occupy with the people and social interaction since it felt like a experience everyone will hopefully experience again soon, and somewhat despise when stress was put on me, when your life is near everything that you thought would make you pleased it gets uninteresting eventually be it now or later. So to conclude my Time with all of this new school system is that its’s fine and I rather enjoy and dislike it, what made regular school slightly a hassle to keep up with is rather mostly gone but this also has it’s own issues too.

Grace Andrews, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

My self-quarantined day starts off with me waking up at sunny 9:00 from my warm, soft, comfortable, gray twin bed, then I finally drop my feet on the cool hardwood floor and run down the stairs to find a blanket. Now with my fuzzy gray blanket, I make an executive decision to get up and go make myself a caramel macchiato coffee and a blueberry bagel. With my body infused with caffeine, I finally get up and go get some comfortable clothes, wash my face, apply my creamy colored moisturizer, make my bed, and brush my pearly whites. By now I am being put to physical labor; working in the yard to beautify it or working to plant multitudes of bushes and trees of all shapes, sizes, colors, and sent’s. The clock has ticked to 1:00 and now I am about to stuff my face with some savory food and some sweets as well!

With my stomach full, it’s now time for my smarts to work. First I start on my Science worksheets, then Math, Social Studies and lastly ELA. Doing school takes about 5 hours, if I do what is scheduled for that day. Now that my school work is done I will read for an hour out of my book about a Jewish teen during the holocaust and the challenges/obstacles he had to face for him to survive. Due to the fact that I now have nothing important to do (unless its sunny, then I exercise outside), I mostly look at photos on my phone or watch a movie on TV, like Mean Girls, Steel Magnolias, Friends, and NFL reruns. When 6 rolls around I eat the last meal of the day, and I just keep watching TV until 10:30 pm and I about fall asleep on my way to that gray twin bed, except now its dark, cold and neatly made.

Trinity Younce, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

My normal school day consists of me getting up at 7:04 everyday, then I tell my mom and dad goodbye because of their work. Around 8:00am, I get started on my schoolwork. I usually start with math and sometimes listen to music while doing it. Then, at 10:00, I sit at the window, and I wait for the bus to come and bring our food. After, I usually cook whatever food is given to make it a little more tastier. Around 11:00am, I get back to doing my schoolwork. By 1:00pm, Ive gotten done with most of my schoolwork, so I take a break by practicing my flute for encore so I don’t forget how to play. I usually run through b flat and a flat scales, then I work on my colored sheets and overall take an hour to practice. 2:00pm rolls by and its time to finish my schoolwork. At 3:00pm, I have finished my schoolwork, and I have 3 hours before my mom gets home with my brothers. So I decide to draw and I usually spend about an hour digitally drawing on my phone with a app called ibis paint X. I use it by taking a photo of my sketch, then I use a second layer to outline in a brush called soft school pen. After, its about 4:00pm, so I decide to clean up my art supplies and read a book. The book I’m reading right now is called Maximum Ride, and its about a bunch of teenagers who are half human, half bird. It’s written by James Patterson, and it’s good right now. Around 5:00, it’s almost time for my brothers and mom to come home, so I just experiment with different recipe ideas. My mom and brothers come home at 5:30 to 6:00ish, and then my mom starts to make dinner, so I just spend ages looking at different recipes, until it’s time for dinner. After dinner, me and my brothers have a little treat if we were good. I go back to my room and listen to music and look at recipes until its time for me to go to bed. I usually go to bed at 8:00pm, but that’s because I like to sleep earlier instead of going to sleep at midnight.

Maddy Barrett, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

My new school day starts when I wake up at around 9 am sometimes around 10 am. I start my school work by logging on to haiku and starting with Science and then Social studies then Math and Ela. It takes me about 3 maybe four hours to do my work. After im done I normally just chill ou and watch Netflix for awhile. Moat days I play some basketball and if its warm enough ill go fishing. I still practice guitar because I like teaching myself new stuff. I also love doing puzzles and will make time to do them. My mom makes sure I have time in my day to workout so I won’t be out of shape when travel bball starts again.

Faith Houghtaling, Cranberry Middle School, 6th grade, Ms. Cara Dunn

Ever since the Covid-19 started, my life has changed. We have to do online schooling, stay home, and can't do anything outside of our homes unless we are going to the grocery store. We have online schooling, and we use our macbooks to communicate with our teachers, and do tests and assignments. I have created a school room in my house for us to practice what we have already learned, do tests, and do homework. Sometimes my mom or I will help my siblings out with the things they don't understand on their homework and assignments.

Some of our work has been a little harder, because we don't have our teachers to help us out, and explain to us what certain things mean. If we want to go out to eat, we have to order and pick it up. I sometimes have to go out of town to see my dad, so we have to be a little bit more cautious and wear masks and use gloves everywhere we go. Since this started and the governor said that we were quarantined, and that we have to stay inside, and all of the stores and fun places had to shut down so it didn't spread any germs. Since that has happened we have to do fun things at home and play outside. This is how our daily lives have changed during the covid-19.

Ava Holtsclaw, Avery Middle School, 7th Grade, Ms. Allen

I start my day around nine to ten o’clock. I go to my kitchen to eat breakfast which is usually cereal. While I’m eating breakfast I catch up on any show Im watching at the time. The show I’m finishing now is Outer Banks. Then when I’m done eating I will start my work around 11:00 to 11:30 and on somedays we will have Zoom meetings at 12:00. I like to space out my work throughout the day, for example I start some of my work in the morning and then start back the rest of my work from four to six o’clock.

After I get done with some work I go outside and play volleyball or jump on my trampoline or I penny board down my road. Sometimes I help my dad with the garden. Around one or two I eat lunch and find something else to do. My family may want to go on a bike ride or hike or somedays we may just want to sit on the couch and chill. Then as the time passes supper comes around and after supper I will take a shower and go to bed around eleven or twelve.

Dylan Coffey Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

My new school day at home it starts with me waking up at 9:30 I get dressed brush my teeth and do my hair. Then I go to the kitchen and get breakfast usually I make my own food. By the time I start homework It is 10:00 my favorite subject is social study so I usually start on that. It is easier for me to work on school work at home because I can concentrate more and it is way more easier to do and I have been making better grades. I usually do P.E on Monday and play my saxophone on Thursday.

When I go out in public and grocery stores I am cautious of people that are coughing but I still were a mask. On the weekends I ride dirt bikes with my friends. Then when the next week starts I usually start on a different topic then I did the week before. The first week I start on social studies, Science, math, ELA. I really like the Monday assignment for social study because I like to learn about stuff that is going on in the world and seeing what other people are reeding and what else is going on besides what I’m reading and learning about.

James Anderson, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

My new school schedule has changed a lot since we have started doing all of our school work from home now. I usually wake up at seven but sometimes I wake up at nine. I normally don’t eat breakfast in the mornings but when I do it is usually around ten. When I eat lunch it usually depends on how much work I have done for the day if I have about three classes done I eat around twelve but if I don’t have three classes done I work until I get those done. I start my work everyday about 10 and I get finished with it around 3 everyday and sometimes I finish early before twelve if I work fast.

I do my work for each class the day that it is given but if it is like a project that last at least a week I wait one or two days before I start to give me time to think about what I want to do for it. For encore related I still do p.e. by going outside almost every day unless it is raining I go outside and get on the trampoline or I play basketball. For other encore stuff I don’t do that much related to it but I do do some crafty stuff about ever three days. My schoolings looks different from the usual time form eight to three fifteen. Around eight when school used to start I am still watching YouTube in my room. My schooling dose end around the same time at three each day.

Eilidh Winters, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

School looks much different than usual, but I think I like the distance learning better than school. I usually get up around seven in the morning, crochet for a while, then do my schoolwork. It takes around three hours to complete the work for most days. I practice music more now than I did when school was in session, my flute playing and pianist abilities have greatly improved since school was closed. I don’t follow the schedule that we followed in normal school, typically I do history, then science, math, and I save my favorite, English, for last. After finishing school, I keep going on whatever crochet project I have going at the time. I can’t wait to see what next school year is going to look like.

Jackson Anderson, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

I normally wake up between 9:30 to 11:30. I wait until its noon or until my sister gets here before I start my work.I work on one subject take a break work on another subject then I take a break so-on. I normally get done around 1 to 3 everyday after I finish I always play our arcade machine either by myself or with James. After I play that for a little bit I babysit my nephew Ashur until he goes home and then I stay up till midnight and I repeat that routine everyday.

Edward Mullaly, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

I usually wake up between 8:30 - 9:00 and eat around 9:30, I get started on my work around 10:00 and usually get done by 2:30 sometimes I try to get all my subjects done in one day and sometimes I space them out day by day. For encore I go outside and workout, and play an instrument.

Noemy Garcia, Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

Ever since we have got out of school my “school day” has changed a lot. I don’t think I would really consider it a school day. I usually wake up at around 12pm. I don’t eat because at that time it not really breakfast anymore. Im also not hungry when I wake up. I start my school work at around 3:00pm.

I do half of it and then I take a break. The first half take 40 minutes to an hour long. After that my dad is usually home from work and we eat. Once we eat I help clean the kitchen then I watch Tv and do other things like going outside. At around 7:00pm I’m back inside and doing the rest of my schoolwork. School is definitely not from 8-3:15 anymore.

Dillon D., Avery Middle School, Ms. Allen, 7th Grade

My new school day starts when I wake up at 1:30 and I eat my breakfast/lunch.  During the day around 3 I start my homework and usually stop at 5 and I don't go to sleep until late at night.

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