BOONE — Local storyteller and professor at Appalachian State University, Ray Christian, recently released one of his stories on NPR’s Snap Judgment. The story was titled “Grits and Sausage,” and it is currently airing on the Snap Judgement podcast.

Christian will also be premiering a different story on The Moth Radio Hour in July that will be available on This premiere will coincide with a special edition of Reader’s Digest released June 20, which includes one of Christian’s stories.

Telling his first story just two years ago at a story slam in Durham, Christian has experienced his midlife pursuit of a secret dream result in success.

Since 2014, Christian has won more than 10 story slams, but his success did not end there. He was later awarded the 2014 Hippo Award for Best Dramatic Story by the Monti. Since then, he has made multiple appearances on The RISK! Show, which is an award-winning live show and podcast where, according to RISK!, people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public.

Christian has also visited The Moth Mainstage and has been invited to participate in stage shows around the country, being featured in several nationally ranked podcasts.

“It’s unbelievable to me that I can get a Facebook message from someone in Alaska or California, and they have heard my stories,” Christian said. “While at the same time, when I go to buy feed for my chickens, all the guys there have heard the same stories.”

Christian has started his own podcast titled “What’s Ray Saying?,” which he describes as “deep-fried history, smothered in social commentary, served with a slice of real life.”

Christian said he hopes to host an official podcast launch in late August. He will also host his first story slam on Appalachian State’s campus in September.

Find more information about his podcast and upcoming events at What’s Ray Saying? on Facebook and Twitter, along with stories and more on his website at

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