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BOONE — App State Chancellor Sheri Everts announced Sept. 3 those who have not attested that they have been fully vaccinated will be required to get tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis beginning next week.

Everts said an her weekly update email that the change is to gain a “more complete picture of the spread of COVID-19 on campus.”

“Our weekly COVID-19 testing events held each Wednesday are one opportunity to fulfill this requirement, and they are also open to any student, faculty or staff member who would like to get tested, regardless of vaccination status,” Everts wrote.

Those who have not reported their vaccination status can find out how at

As positivity rates and hospitalizations rise across the state, the key to managing the severity of the impact is the COVID vaccine,” Everts wrote. “We are focused on vaccinating our campus community because vaccinated individuals are less likely to contract COVID and if they do contract it, they are less likely to be hospitalized, experience long-term effects and die of COVID-19. The vaccine reduces the severity of the illness, lowers the stress on our medical system and allows the university, our community and our state to remain open and fully functional.”

Everts also announced that the vaccination rates of students stands at 52 percent while the vaccination rates of employees stands at 89 percent. As of Sept. 3, 50 percent of Watauga County residents are fully vaccinated while 54 percent are partially vaccinated.

The 52 percent of App State students vaccinated is an increase of 3 percent from Aug. 23.

So far during the week ending on Sept. 4, App State conducted 1,421 COVID-19 tests with a positivity rate of 5.6 percent.

As of Sept. 4, App State reports 112 students are active and six employees are active with COVID-19.

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Anti-Science Educators!

Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier - Warns Covid Vaccine May Lead to 'Neurodegenerative Illness'


Seriously App_Mtn? What in your background trained you in science? Really. I'm asking. Because you post this foolishness from the RAIR Foundation like it's a thing.

A bit of history here: "The RAIR Foundation USA was created in May 2016 by Amy Jane Mekelburg, a far-right internet troll who had gained notoriety as a prolific espouser of Islamophobic hatred on Twitter." (

So sure, they're just like Nature or NEJM or AJM. They ooze nothing but scientific rigor baby.

And yeah, pretty much everything this dude said was debunked as BS almost immediately. It doesn't take a Google-foo genius to figure that out. But I did especially like how they thanked "Miss Piggy" for the translation from the original French.

So in your world, I guess your Facebook/Twitter mutual support society counts as peer review. And let's all score one for the online mattress sales dude.


Yeah, a couple things here.

While I'm certainly delighted to see the administration stepping up to strengthen what was an absurdly lackadaisical initial approach, it is absolutely unclear and unstated what the penalty will be for someone who "inadvertently" forgets to get tested. I expect a sternly worded memo would follow...

Perhaps even worse, to get out of the testing, one must "attest" to being vaccinated. No records, documentation, no proof is required. And I'm sorry, but if someone is so selfish and so foolish as to not get vaccinated, I have no faith that they're going to be loosing sleep over lying about something like that.

The real solution is to close and reopen a few weeks from now after requiring *everyone* be vaccinated. But no, that might inflame the nitwits.


Three weeks in and they're now doing what should have been done *before* day one. If the last 7 years has taught AppState employees anything, it's that this administration never acts in the best interest of its employees and paying students unless their hand is forced.

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