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BOONE β€” The Boone Town Council voted on Sept. 16 to allow certain businesses the ability to not require masks.

The amended State of Emergency Declaration will allow businesses that provide athletic or fitness opportunities the option of relaxing indoor masking requirements if it follows certain guidelines.

Business may choose to allow persons actively engaged in athletic activity indoors to not wear a mask if either (1) social distancing of 10 feet can be maintained by every participant in all directions, or (2) social distancing of 6 feet can be maintained by every participant in all directions and the business requires proof that all participants in a particular indoor space are vaccinated.

In order to relax mask requirements, a business must post notice of their policy in a manner clear to all patrons entering the business. The town of Boone will provide appropriate language to be posted.

Masks will still be required in all common areas and whenever participants are not actively engaged in athletic activity.

The amended State of Emergency Declaration can be found at

Council member Nancy LaPlaca was not at the meeting and council member Connie Ulmer abstained, which counts as a β€œyes” vote. The motion was introduced by council member Sam Furgiuele.

Virginia Roseman stated that any point in time, these mandates can be altered and changed to reflect the health conditions at that time.

The original State of Emergency Deceleration was passed by the Boone Town Council on Aug. 6, which reinstated its mask mandate regardless of vaccination status as per the June 18, 2020, order. The order was effective Aug. 10 with violations resulting in a class 2 misdemeanor after substantial warning.

The original order — which outlines exceptions to wearing a mask including if a person has trouble breathing and for those dining at a restaurant while they are at their table — can be found at

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(3) comments


Ridiculous that the town council continues to ignore valid science and mandate muzzles that do not stop infectious diseases and may be harmful -- and they know better because many of us have presented to them. So, who cares what these fools mandate at this point And poisonous vaccines, give me a break guys, that is called crimes against humanity (there have been many deaths and injuries from them) and unconstitutional. Even the PCR test they use has been decertified by the FDA for creating way too many false positives -- you cannot trust these people.


App_Mtn - every one of your "facts" has been shown to be a broken down old lie or so deeply misleading as to be basically false. This has been pointed out to you on countless occasions with actual real data and citations. Yet you cannot bring yourself to acknowledge that. Such behavior is not the hallmark of someone interested in the truth.

Kinney R. Baughman

It's hard to know where to start with you, App_Mtn. First I question what subterranean world you live in and how you can still be so misinformed after all this time.

It's easy to complain, Sir. But it's infinitely more difficult to come up with solutions. From what I can see here in these electronic pages, you have no solutions. You live to stir the pot, blast out false information which - should anyone be misguided enough to listen to you - will do nothing but endanger their lives and the lives of those around them.

Maybe you haven't heard or don't want to hear or didn't care to read this Watauga Democrat article:

Covid numbers are approaching record levels in the High Country. 3 people died in one day just last week. Overall 35 people have died in Watauga County alone since this madness began, which you seem intent on fueling and spreading even further than it's spread already.

There are those of us in the community - the Town Council in particular - who take these numbers seriously and are doing what they can in the face of conspiracy theories, disinformation and pathological lies, to bring these numbers down so we can live normal lives again. The problem is, there are too many people like you who have loud mouths chained to non-existent critical thinking skills and with too many axes in the barnyards of their mind to grind, who think yelling and complaining about "muzzles" and "poisonous vaccines" is the way to bring the pandemic to an end and return our lives to normal.

What do you suggest the citizens of the High Country do with people like you, who do the moral equivalent of walking around in our midst, randomly shooting, injuring some and killing others, because they think the gun in their hand and their "freedom" to pull the trigger is the most important consideration on the table?

Nothing works with you people. Not reason, not patient conversation, not breaking down your "arguments" point by point to show the shifting sands they stand on, not the numbers or even the pretty pictures those numbers look like when we turn them into graphs.

Help us out here, Man. What are we supposed to do with people like you?

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