RALEIGH — COVID-19 cases among Watauga County residents increased to 11 on May 18, according to the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services and the Raleigh News & Observer. In addition, Avery County reported its first positive test — the last of the state's 100 counties to do so.

Following are updates on COVID-19 cases and test numbers in the U.S., North Carolina and in High Country counties. The following reports may differ from other sources due to the varied reporting times of multiple health agencies and other sources.

N.C. and U.S. Cases

  Cases Deaths Hospitalized Recovered
 N.C. 19,208 693 511 11,637
 U.S.1,508,16890,338 N/A 283,178

Sources of North Carolina data include the Raleigh News & Observer (8:30 p.m. May 18) and NCDHHS (11 a.m. May 18). The number of hospitalized patients represents those currently hospitalized in reporting hospitals and is not a cumulative total of people hospitalized. The estimate of people who have recovered is provided by NCDHHS once per week, on Mondays, and is based on the estimated median recovery time for non-hospitalized cases and for hospitalized cases. U.S. data is from Johns Hopkins University & Medicine (8:30 p.m. May 18).

High Country Cases

 Resident Cases Active CasesRecovered Deaths 
 Watauga* 11 N/A N/A 0
 Ashe* 28 23 N/A 0
 Avery 1 1 0 0
 Caldwell 86 N/A 36 2
 Wilkes 429 N/A 235 1
 Johnson 15 10 5 0
 Carter 19 3 15 1

Sources of case information in Watauga and surrounding counties include AppHealthCare (May 18), the Raleigh News & Observer (May 18), NCDHHS (May 18), Caldwell County Health Department (May 18), Toe River Health District and Tennessee Department of Health (May 18). Not all counties report the same categories of data.

*AppHealthCare also reports that 21 people have tested positive in its three-county service area who are not residents of Watauga, Ashe or Alleghany counties. This includes one traveler in Watauga County reported on March 31 and 16 construction workers at an App State campus project reported on May 14. The health department is also currently monitoring six people in Watauga County, 31 people in Ashe and nine people who reside outside of the three-county area due to those people being exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case. These individuals are currently in quarantine and monitoring their symptoms.

Testing Numbers

 State/County Tests Completed
N.C. 255,755
Ashe  175
 Avery 438
 Wilkes N/A

The above testing numbers could be incomplete due to differences in reporting from health departments and other agencies. Sources include AppHealthCare (May 18), NCDHHS (May 18), Toe River Health District (May 18), Caldwell County Health Department (May 18) and Tennessee Department of Health (May 18). Wilkes Health is not reporting the number of tests completed.

*The Tennessee Department of Health totals include the sum of negative tests and confirmed cases for each county but might not reflect pending tests.

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