BOONE — Winners have been announced for the “Every Drop Counts” poster contest in partnership with Watauga County Schools and the town of Boone.

Three second graders from Hardin Park were the winners of the contest. The winners were: first place Meggie Krause, second place Harper Nichols and third place Abe Greene.

Carrie Phillips, the community improvement officer for the town of Boone, said the contest is used to raise awareness on water usage and conservation efforts.

“Each classroom normally goes on a field trip to the Jimmy Smith Waste Water Treatment Plant and the Ricky L Miller Water Treatment Plant with a picnic, but due to COVID we did the poster contest all virtual this year,” Phillips said. “We hope to be able to go back to our normal program next year.”

The contest typically coincides during National Drinking Water Week, which takes place May 2-8, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Drinking Water Week is an annual observance sponsored by the American Water Works Association to recognize the critical role drinking water plays in people’s daily lives. This year’s theme, according to the CDC, was “There When You Need It,” which highlights the work water professionals do around-the-clock to ensure high-quality drinking water is always available.

“The kids always look forward to this contest each year,” Phillips said. “It’s always exciting and satisfying to see the results to see how the children’s imaginations for how water conservation takes place in their artwork. Each student always does an amazing job, and we look forward continuing this program in the future.”

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