BOONE — Despite COVID-19, remote learning and social distancing, Watauga High School and the Watauga Innovation Academy has presented a number 2020 WHS seniors with awards to recognize their achievements.

Student Body President Lily Lipford and Senior Class President Peyton Cline were recognized for their leadership. Graduation speakers will include Peyton Cline and Lily Lipford, along with Katie Hanna.

Emmie Huffman and Grant Oliver were awarded school Citizenship Awards.

Mountain Alliance presented awards to several students. The Dr. Bill Herring Leadership Award was presented to Aaron Broce and Catie Holder. Kai Jewell-Miller received the Jerry Cantwell Service Award. Outstanding Seniors were Jacob Hoke, Jack Trew and Zachary Klein.

The Western Youth Network presented an award to Kimberly Wheeler.

The Agriculture Outstanding Student awards were given to Victoria Combs, Emma Klein and Shelby Watson. The Dekalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award was presented to Shelby Watson.

Students have also been presented with awards from Allied Health Sciences. CNA recipients were Kristyn Auton, Leann Blackburn, Matthew Critcher, Gabriela Gidley, Courtney Gragg, Morgan Hartley, Alexander Havelos, Elaina McClure, Maggie Milhaupt, Harley Murray, Emma Neely, Madelyn Norris, Caitlin Sanders, Maison Showalter, Selah Washburn, Olivia Williams and George Young. Courtney Gragg was recognized as an Outstanding Blood Drive member.

The WHS arts department presented several awards to students with varying mediums of artistic excellence, including Aaron Broce in AP Ceramics, Chandler Groce in Creativity, Ekatarina Mims in Drawing and Painting and Grant Holder in Originality. Artistic Excellence and Service awards were presented to Emma Liesegang, Emma Schneider and Emma Young-Fritchie.

Excellence in Art, Citizenship and Service awards were presented to Allie Hollis and Marie Kallestad. Felix Mendoza-Nava was awarded Excellence of Artistic Voice, and Excellence of Artistic Growth was awarded to Jocelyn Viale. Jenna Maillot and Emma Schneider were showcased as the Outstanding Studio Crafts students. The Empty Bowls Leadership Award was presented to Aaron Broce, Diego Davies, Paco Eby, Olivia Nicklaw and Kelsey Strickland.

Band/orchestra awards were presented to Adam Kallestad (Arion Award), Reagan Womack (John Philip Sousa Award) and Zachary Wood (National School Orchestra Award).

The Choral Department presented two National School Choral Awards to both Emma Gravitt and Zachary Duda, and Sarah Kruger and Abbie Anderson received Pioneer Choristers Awards.

The Drama Department recognized Senior State Champion Playmakers Aaron Broce, Faith Giles, Megan Helton, Margaret “Catie” Holder, Alice McCracken-Knight, Madison Marlowe, Fiona Marty and Margaret McCullough.

The Athletic Department’s Hall of Fame Award — given to the top female athlete — was awarded to Brooke Byrd. Anderson Castle received the Trail Blazer Award that is given to the top male athlete. The Bill Ross Service Award was presented to Mike Combs.

The following students were recognized as scholar athletes: Tegan Allan, Rebecca Anderson, Chloe Baldwin, James Brown, Emma Brown, Nelson Burns, Brooke Byrd, Avery Cannon, Anderson Castle, Caleb Coatney, Caleb Cox, Tanner Craft, Carolina Davidson, Rebecca Farthing, Riley Fowler, Andrew Freeman, Emily Geouque, Faith Giles, Courtney Gragg, Mitchell Greene, Arielle Griffin, Catie Holder, Alexandra Hollis, Calvin Huelsman, Emerson Huffman, Kylah Jackson, Jadyn Kadyk, Alice Knight, Shane Lamont, Cora Lubsen, Jenna Maillot, Abby Marlett, Madi Marlowe, Kyla Marze, Jacob McInturff, Zach McNeil, Galen Miller, Lena Miller, Ekaterina Mims, Olivia Nicklaw, Ben Oakes, James Privette, Sophia Ritter, Caitlyn Sanders, Sterling Sauls, Emma Schneider, Jake Sears, Eli Selong, Luke Smith, Gabe Souza, Wiley Speckman, Sam Stokes, Mattie Suggs, Lily Suyao, Eli Towle, Jackson Trew, Kate Tuberty, Ethan Turner, Magali Turner, Michael Walker, Reece Ware, Jacob Watson, Anderson Waugh, Bailey Whitehead-Price and Trey Whittaker.

Brooke Byrd and Mitchell Greene received Travis Gryder Athletes for Good awards.

Colton Wilson received the Automotive Skills and Leadership Award.

Bailey Whitehead-Price received the school’s Business Award. Four-year students from the WHS chapter of Distributive Education Clubs of America chapter that were recognized include Tegan Allan, Leann Blackburn, Peyton Cline, Hallie Rose Donadio, Andrew Freeman, Mitchell Greene, Asa Hagaman, Emmaline Hagaman, Emerson Huffman, Lily Lipford, Maggie McCullough, Hamish McKay, Maggie Milhaupt, Harley Murray, Emma Neely, Preston Palm, Henri Peet, James Privette, Jake Sears, Wiley Speckmann, Kelsey Strickland, Lauren Templeton, Michael Walker and Bailey Whitehead-Price.

Cosmetology Awards were presented to Selena Robles, Natalie Noble, Ava Miller, Laura Tellez Elias and Alivya Stamey.

Ricky Harris and Matthew Rawls were presented with Determination Awards. The Toni Award was presented to Mic Beane, Darren Goodman, Leeiah Guillory, Dylan Honeycutt, Kimberly Wheeler and Tim Yates.

The English Department Award was presented to Orion Rohl, and Excellence in Drafting Awards were presented to Eli Hockett and Shelby Watson.

The Powderhorn Editor Emma Shrew was recognized along with journalism staff member Taylor McNulty, and yearbook staffer and Musket Editor Marley Forrester.

Game Art and Design Awards were presented to Seth Ward (Game Design), Josh Davis (Programming) and Brooklyn Holman (Computer Graphics).

The Marine Corps JROTC program at WHS recognized Courtney Gragg with the American Legion Bronze Medal for Scholastic Excellence, Kyle Moisan with the Military Officers Association of America JROTC Medal Cadet and Dominick Hammac with the National Sojourners Award.

The Language Arts Department awarded various honors to students in French and Spanish classes. Ekaterina Mims received the AATF Outstanding Student in French Award.

Students honored as part of the Société Honoraire de français include Chloe Maillot, Emilie Maillot, Jenna Maillot, Maggie Elaine McCullough, Galen Miller, Kata Mims, Maggie Aisling Quigley, Lucy Rapfogel, Emma Ruth Shew and Ethan Turner. The department also recognized students who were participating members from 2018-2019, who are Victoria Davis, Megan Helton and Elaina McClure.

Global Language Endorsement Awards in French were presented to Victoria Elyce Davis, Chloë Maryse Maillot, Emilie Rose Maillot, Jenna Celeste Maillot, Elaina Danielle McClure, Margaret Elaine McCullough, Galen Lucas Miller, Ekaterina Mims, Margaret Aisling Mary Quigley, Lucy Fuguo Rapfogel, Emma Ruth Shew and Ethan William Steven Turner.

Gabriel Souza received the Outstanding Student in Spanish Award. Global Language Endorsement Awards in Spanish were received by Rebecca Lily Anderson, Avery Finn Cannon, Caleb Anderson Coatney, Franciso Avila Eby, Emiley Marie Geouque, Alice Marie Lake, James Douglas Privette, Delia Willow Rhodes, Kathleen Gray Tuberty, Anderson Eve Waugh and Elijah Jon Chute Winek.

The Marketing Department presented its Outstanding Marketing Student to Peyton Cline. Rebecca Anderson and Caleb Coatney were recognized with Mathematics awards.

The Science Award was presented to students Rebecca Anderson and Jimmy Brown, and Social Studies awards were awarded to Caroline Hoover and Galen Miller. Henry Jones received the Perseverance Award.

Physical Education awards were presented to Rebecca Anderson, Jaiden Bond, Brooke Byrd, Avery Cannon, Anderson Castle, Adrion Cassidy, Rebekah Farthing, Andrew Freeman, Christian Garcia, Mathew Grambow, Mitchell Greene, Suzanna Gurkin, Asa Hagaman, Morgan Hartley, Taylor Lipford, Brittany Long, Abby Marlett, Galan Miller, Olivia Nicklaw, Ben Oaks, Bailey Whitehead-Price, James Privette, Bryce Satterfield, Molly Ward, Jake Watson, Kimberly Wheeler and Li Yang.

Tegan Allan was the winner of the Leigh Cooper Wallace Award, and Grant Oliver was honored with the Tommy Wright PE Award.

The following students were recognized for being members of the National Honor Society: Tegan Allan, Rebecca Anderson, Chloe Baldwin, Leann Blackburn, Aaron Broce, James Brown, Nelson Burns, Brooke Byrd, Chloe Cahan, Avery Cannon, Peyton Cline, Victoria Combs, Jadyn Correia-Kadyk, Lauren Cottom, Carolina Davidson, Cyan DeBoard, Hallie Rose Donadio, Carey Dowell, Rebekah Farthing, Marley Forrester, Riley Fowler, Andrew Freeman, Yaritza Galvez, Emiley Geouque, Faith Giles, Courtney Gragg, Emma Gravitt, Mitchell Greene, Arielle Griffin, Suzanna Gurkin, Katie Hanna, Eli Hockett, Margaret Catherine Holder, Alexandra Hollis, Caroline Hoover, Carsyn Howarth, Calvin Huelsman, Emerson Huffman, Eden Indicott, Adam Kallestad, Marie Kallestad, Alice Knight, Lily Lipford, Cora Lubsen, Emilie Maillot, Jenna Maillot, Abigail Marlett, Madison Marlowe, Fiona Marty, Kyla Marze, Margaret McCullough, Maggie Mihaupt, Galen Miller, Lena Miller, Ekaterina Mims, Adaira Patrick, Margret Quigley, Lucy Rapfogel, Sophia Ritter, Jake Sears, Duncan Sherman, Emma Shew, Luke Smith, Gabriel Souza, Wiley Speckmann, Marlie Stilwell, Kelsey Strickland, Mattie Suggs, Lily Suyao, Sarah Toub, Jackson Trew, Dawn Trivette, Magali Turner, Anderson Waugh, David Stanton Whittaker, Elijah Winek, Li Yang and Emma Young-Fritchie.

Students in the National Technical Honor Society that were recognized were Leann Blackburn, Peyton Cline, Victoria Combs, Courtney Gragg, Zoe Gravitt, Brooklyn Holman, Carsyn Howarth, Zachary McNeil, Madelyn Norris, Luke Smith, Alivya Stamey, Elijah Winek and Shelby Watson.

Pioneer Ambassadors named for the 2019-2020 school year were Tegan Allan, Peyton Cline, Victoria Combs, Jadyn Correia-Kadyk, Hallie Donadio, Rebekah Farthing, Faith Giles, Courtney Gragg, Katie Hanna, Alexandra Hollis, Carsyn Howarth, Emerson Huffman, Maggie Milhaupt, Harley Murray, Adaira Patrick, Sophia Ritter, Emma Shew, Luke Smith, Jackson Trew, Kathleen Tuberty, Magali Turner and Emma Young-Fritchie.

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