Tyler Blue family

Evangelist Tyler Blue, wife Mykaela and son Cooper are pictured during last year’s crusade at Bethel Baptist Church.

Charlotte-based evangelist Tyler Blue and his family will head to the High Country to lead the Western Watauga Gospel Crusade in the Bethel community Sunday, Aug. 25, through Wednesday, Aug. 28.

The events will begin with a Sunday morning service on Aug. 25 at 11 a.m. and will continue nightly at 7 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday. All events will take place in the gym at Bethel Elementary School unless there is a need to use the Bethel Baptist Church building across the street.

“The purpose of this crusade is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Blue. “To let the world know there is hope for any and everyone, and it’s found in Jesus.”

Blue, in his early 20s, is known for an unapologetic approach to preaching the Word of God and has brought thousands of people to Christ during his few years on the road. He returns to the area this summer following a one-day crusade held at Bethel last summer.

Blue’s website explains his mission:

“The goal for our ministry is to spread the gospel to all mankind. We believe the hope for America is not in the White House, school systems or some man. We believe the only hope for America is for God to stir the hearts of his people and send a great revival to our country. We can’t wait for the next generation, the time is now! Jesus is coming, we must pick up the banner of the cross and march!”

Tyler Blue Ministries and Bethel Church welcome and encourage folks of all ages to join the crusade events and invite anyone with whom they would like to share the gospel message. Event coordinators ask the community to help pray for a harvest like never before in Watauga County.

“I believe sharing the gospel is very important and it should be done with urgency. The Bible speaks of end times, and I believe we are living in the last days,” Blue said. “The reason I spend my life spreading the gospel is because I believe this could be the day Jesus comes back, and I want to take as many people to heaven with me as possible.”

Follow Bethel Baptist Church on Facebook for the latest details or contact the church office at 828-297-2694 or bethelbaptistchurchus@gmail.com.

Bethel Elementary School is located at 138 Bethel School Road in Sugar Grove. The adjacent Bethel Baptist Church property is located at 123 Mountain Dale Road in Vilas.

Visit Tyler Blue Ministries on Facebook for more information about the evangelist.

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